Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Right, this first one is basically a question for those familiar with Spanish cold meats and cheeses (random, I know), as I'm not sure my confusion/flabbergastedness/outrage is going to mean much to anyone else. (I'm actually rather sure you won't be giving a fig about it so... Well. Tough. Sorry.)

All right, the below fuet made its way to the house the other day and I was dead chuffed when I found it. Then I read the label:
¿Qué? Since when can one buy fuet (a typical Catalan sausage) stuffed (stuffed? injected with? flavoured? seasoned?) with queso cabrales (a typical Asturian blue cheese) curado en el Pirineo (matured in the Pyrenees)?
Where exactly in the Pyrenees? How did the cheese get there? I want to go and check that particular place out! (Plan was adding a map but it's late, I'm tired, cannot be arsed and probably no-one cares but me).
Who came up with this? When? Why? Is this normal? Is everyone back home eating this sort of aberration?
Anyway and swiftly moving on, we now find this other fellow living in my kitchen (pictured above).

I see a whimsical little headband-wearing orange triangular creature of sorts who seems to be nailing some edible sand/blob/play doh down with force and determination while swearing in pretty doodles to himself (?).
Again: ¿Qué?
Cute as the package is, I'm not sure what to do with it. Should I be brave enough to try it. Anyone?
Once more: I.need.answers.

Muchas gracias. Arigatou gozaimasu.


  1. my question is, WHO in the hell came up with that idea? where in the product development process did the brainchild emerge to infuse that stuff with blue cheese?

    as for the japanese candy, it looks cuter than anything. i'd definitely give it a try!

  2. i already ate sausage with cheese inside... it's just delicious!!

  3. wow! what´s next? sobrasada with mojama? can´t wait to try all these delicatessen.

    Well in UK you can find these flavours when buying crisps: builder´s breakfast (that´s scary), fish & chips and the best... chilli & chocolate! Not brave enough to try it.

    I think it all started with the After eights.


  4. sobrasada with mojama? ay nena, no me mates con tomate, mátame con bacalao...

    well, the crisp universe was not that "developed" when I lived there... "builder's brekkie"? wtf?

  5. Dont' touch the After Eights - sacred stuff. Now, I have a feeling I know where that Japanese thing comes from, he he he. No idea what it is, but be brave for us all, ok? Try it. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow then ;-)

  6. jajaa, esta ninja siempre me hace reir! creo que no me animaría a probar una aberración semejante.

  7. The Japanese on the package says: "Onigiri" sanperi (sample) and the thought blob says; "ne" like the Canadian "eh". Like: Cowabunga Dude! lol

    Down the side it says: ne! kani (crab) kugi (this is a phrase)

    and that's all the Japanese I can make out, to help you out. Did it help?

    I make onigiri at home all the time...it's YUMMY!!! But I don't use a package.

    I'm thinking, THAT package will hold all kinds of nice flavours or stuffings that you could put inside your ball! I would definitely try it if it's not past the expiry date!!!

  8. Fuet with cabrales cheese...a bit risky...but well let say "that is a great and strange consecuense" of experimenting cooking that Ferran Adriá and company are making...because I think it is more or less (hahaha) the same as eating "foam" of vergies....
    Be risky!

  9. haha! you crack me up! sorry never heard of this... really? are you sure it was made in spain?... hey, to find out how they get that cheese in there is a great excuse for you to come for a visit... sending you a big hug! and muchos besos! jane

  10. thanks demara but, wouldn't that imply I need some sort of ball to go with this stuffing... well, I ain't got no ball ;)

    ibb, you're right, risk-taking is the way forward.
    however, I find what adrià et al. are doing experimenting at a cuisine studio is one thing (would love to eat at el bulli) but just manufacturing this novelty stuff willy-nilly, dunno. ;)

    jane, casademont they are, hun.
    fuets catalans, catalans: "a casa, casademont"

  11. Woow, this is one of my favorite japanese cookies! I used to eat onigiri senbei (rice cookie) when I was a kid!!

    have a great weekend! ox

  12. YEAH, finally a native expert in Japanese snacks! on my way to the biscuit tin where it currently lives to eat it up right now. your enthusiasm is contagious.

    would it be possible to clarify what on earth the little triangular creature on the pack is doing with those nails, though? ta. :)

    you too have a lovely w-end and thanks for dropping by.

  13. I am a little late with this as I just came back from holidays.
    anyway, for me it's quite easy to understand; dear ninjita... once upon a time there was this male catalan sheperd who went to spend some days trekking at the pyrenees. Of course he was provided with several things to eat. One of those things it was the fuet.
    And on the cantabric coast there was this asturian sheperd lady that felt she wanted to make her legs better and stard walking as Forrest Gump would have done and she ended up at the pyrenees just at the same time and location than the sheperd male.
    She was carrying the cabrales cheese (manda huevos).
    The thing is that they met and they had a nice chat and suddenly they are sharing each other food and then: all get mixed up. everything. After nine months: here you are: fuet con cabrales.
    sorry, to much sun this year. My brain just melt.

  14. oooh, of course, like that old oscar mayer (I think it was oscar mayer) add: "harrrrremos salchichas con queso"... remember?
    igualico, igualico... :)

    (there's a challenge and a half for you... finding it on youtube or similar and posting it here, ha!)


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