Saturday, 22 August 2009

the blingest loos ever

Note: Seen @ de Parade '09, Amsterdam


  1. que buena foto, tiene un aura de misterio que me gusta mucho.
    espero que esta ninja tenga un muy buen fin de semana! :)

  2. thanks. again a pic taken with my mobile phone (a marvel that thing is) and straight here without editing or anything...
    more (tele)pics of that evening to come.

    gracias, epe, espero que tú también tengas muy buen "finde" :)

  3. lovely picture!
    thanks for leaving a note on my blog, very nice to have found yours too :)

  4. everything is illuminated :-)

  5. again, one of those I've never managed to really get into (I've tried a couple of times but to no avail)... have you read it?

  6. Me neither. I've tried a few times also but never got longer than 20 pages. I want to read it since it's supposed to be so good.


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