Friday, 21 August 2009

I hate... showing décolleté (and a shaved chest)

(particularly first thing in the morning, while
I cycle to work and they jog in the park
gentlemen: really, no need to show sternum
that early (or ever), thank you very much )

a-ranting & a-moaning
-an increasingly random series that will captivate the hearts of young and old alike-


  1. Lately I've seen a lot of men here in Stockholm torso naked. I don't care what time of day it is, please put something on. Me i don't care in what hairy state the chest is in. I just don't want to see it.
    BTW I love, love to read your posts and your comments (thank you). You make me laugh. Thank you (again) And if you do decide to use that chalk paint, I would love to see the result.

  2. hilarious! couldn't agree more...

  3. aha, not just here, then (you are just confirming my suspicions of an international metrosexual uprising)


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