Friday, 11 September 2009

I hate...

...eternal whiners, particularly at work

(we all come up against brick walls sometimes, we all
disagree with certain decisions but, believe it or not,
the world does not revolve around your (beyond belief)
pettiness. so please sort it out, do something about it or...
do us all a favour by shutting it. now.)

a-ranting & a-moaning
-an increasingly random series that will captivate the hearts of young and old alike-


  1. I mean to say some people just moan and complain all the time (it's an attitude issue rather than a reflection on their current situation) and the rest of us have to hear it... so yeah, that tires me no end and makes me cross as normally the ones that whine the most have no real problems.

    (end of rant. we'll be jollying it up again next post, promise. ;)

  2. To me, on the top three of how to make your co-workers miserable are whining. Do something about it already (to the whiners - and even though I might be whining myself now).

  3. haha, me too!
    ps. que risa me dio leer tu comentario acerca del tageo (?). muy ocurrente y nada de antisocial querida ninja!

  4. yes...chronic whiners are toxic people!

  5. Your office sounds like a rather interesting place, actually, perhaps not the whiners, but the beefcakes ... what's your line of work:)?


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