Sunday, 13 September 2009

disco 2000?

Not only the blingest loos ever but also a merry-go-round that was just unreal in this light.

However, the real star of the
de Parade was... Silent Disco. I'd forgotten all about it as I hadn't been for a couple of years (incidentally, a version of de Parade is currently taking place in NYC under the name New Island Festival. Worth checking it out, should you have the chance.)

Anyhoo, Silent Disco
The best concept ever. Music isn't played through loudspeakers but individual headphones so only those taking part can actually hear it. In turn,
to the amusement and delight of the passers-by, these disco-goers tend to get carried away and loudly sing along while they boogie the night away. It is both brilliant and hilarious at the same time.
So here it is: Silent Disco (aka lots of nutters in a cage having a whale of a time). Title of the song? Go on. Three guesses.

Note: As everything on this post was taken with my mobile phone, quality is definitely not the best (particularly vid quality), but hey.


  1. Wow I've never heard of a "silent disco" before!! So strange. And yes I think it would be hilarious to see in person.

  2. too funny! i think i would like to go to a silent disco!

  3. Silent disco?! Strange music interpretation. Would be strange to see people moving in silence.
    No importa lo de tu actitud "antisocial" lo veo como tal, simplemente no apetece. Tranquila.

  4. is this in your city?


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