Tuesday, 27 October 2009

of orange vests, leaves, rants and whoopee

In keeping with my (lately most irregularly posted) a-ranting + a-moaning series, I was about to moan about men in shiny orange vests cutting, clipping, trimming, pruning and basically getting the park tidy and ready for the winter.

It's not about them I want complain though, they tend to do a splendid job at cutting, clipping, trimming, pruning and getting the park ready for the winter. (See that first photo down there? That's a perfectly neat pile of... crap?) What really bugs me is that they are at it, with their heavy machinery and stuff, first thing in the morning making my cycle to work a perilous one again (ahem).
So anyway, instead of having a sulk (I'll rant soon about female joggers wearing the wrong undergarments, another interesting park feature), it got me thinking on how everyone's posting pics of red leaves and brown stuff, nature, parks, trees and the like. Exactly the same thing seems to happen every year. Spring and autumn.

It reminded me of this fab post by the hilarious and articulate Antonia at whoopee, which really sums up the subject in a way I never could.

Really, go and have a peek. She's fun.

Right, next entry will be on shiny orange vests or, indeed, joggers' too often too bouncy bosom.


  1. i can only imagine what awaits us in the 'wrong underwear for joggers' post... i'm laughing already...

  2. Thanks for keeping us laughing:)))

  3. dear superninja. you make me smile. and i'm looking forward to your jogger post. have a happy day*

  4. you're hilarious. and i love a good sulk.

  5. Thanks for the link. I am laughing so hard here I am waking the kids. Thank you. I need more blogs like yours and hers on my list.

  6. superninja? ha ha, if only.
    now it's me the one laughing hard. superninja. ;)

    she has some seriously funny stuff there, she does.

  7. Oh, the title of her post is the best! Can't wait to go back and check out more funniness!

    Happy Day, La Ninja!

  8. we all need a good rant and sulk.
    looking forward to your jogger's post. I imagine it will remind me of women wearing the wrong undergarments for yoga!!

    p.s. I saw your pictures from when you were in Thailand. I haven't even been on a tuktuk yet!!

  9. If only summer could last all year! I don't like the cold drab days either.


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