Sunday, 25 October 2009

I'm so b, let's move to denmark

I'd forgotten all about an article I read some time ago until today.
The clocks have gone back, it's already getting darker and the gloom of winter is upon us. Crap. Piles of. (Unlike here, it's just soil, MODgirl. Honestly. Sigh.)

Right, it's starting to get dark, dank and bleh so we should, at least, make life a bit easier for ourselves. Therefore, I recommend reading the article here and if, like me, you identify yourselves with the quote "I'm useless early in the morning. All I can do is drink coffee and stare into space." then, perhaps you could also start the revolution.
I know I won't. I am a stirrer rather than a doer so, please, go ahead, fight for me and let me know when you're done. When the EU has passed the bill proposal and made it law, at that stage, I'll totally be there backing you up. Only after 3pm though. Ta.

No seriously. It's a brilliant idea.

Oh yeah, and their official website is here.


  1. Woh! That is really interesting :) I'm sure I'm a B person!! hehe

  2. lol! it wasn't like that when i lived there. but it should have been. those dark dark dark, cold and rainy winter mornings were a killer. awful!

  3. That's it! The MODsquad is relocating!!

    That article is freaking hilarious!! The US needs to adopt this idea! It's not natural to get up before the sun comes up... right!?!

    Denmark... here we come!

  4. for what I'm hearing (and now reading from you too) it may actually not work this way either. we all seem to consider ourselves to be b people, ha ha.
    we'd just do the same thing all at the same time but just a few hours later. we're basically doomed to sheepitude... baa.

  5. hey! i struggle a beat with the language, but it s a good training for myself!
    i do like your blog, plenty of small secret messages!!
    hop, i ll follow u

  6. Interesting article.. It's already 7am but it's still dark here. It's hard to get up in the morning in the fall/winter season...

    It's raining but nice.. Have a great day! xo

  7. I'm not sure what I am, but I know my 3 kids are A persons!

  8. I think we should make time two-dimensional and add some kinds of time-zones north and south.
    Then we far-northerners could hibernate all winter. Seriously :)


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