Saturday, 24 October 2009

you're welcome

Note: Donation of stabilising soil. layercakelab (in Dutch only)


  1. Oh, my... please tell me that it's just dirt...

    Would love to hear the story behind that!

  2. A big mole in your garden? He is very generous!

  3. well, my goodness! what a gift ;)

  4. thanks. i´ve always been dreaming of this kind of present;)

  5. ... are you sure ?!!! Morte de rire !

  6. MODgal. As requested, more about it:

    A stabilising/balancing soil donation to the Amsterdam Council so that a particular bit of a park can be used to hold outdoors art (research showed the soil was somehow not in top condition for that.)
    You can check the whole process here but I'm afraid it's only in Dutch:

    I find it a very strong piece, actually.
    It also makes a lot of sense as it's called "Kunstaarde", which literally means "stabilising/counterpoise soil". However "kunst" on its own means both "art" and "artificial". So, not only a good action, but a clever one too.

  7. Ah- Ha! Well that sums it up! Dang it... must brush up on my Dutch. Oh, and Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Swahili...


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