Wednesday, 11 November 2009

dishy corner view

la ninja is tired
and not particularly inspired
but here's a silly corner view
just for you.
Look at that dishy ninja boy
how very coy!
so hot I can hear m'sizzle...
...wolf whistle!!!
whewwwwww whewwwwww! :)

Feeble attempt, I know but hey. A little rhyme in the spirit of Sint Maarten, celebrated in the Netherlands today (there's your cornery-viewy bit randomly thrown in, la la la.)

Hooi-de-booi, hooi-de-booi,
Wat is Sintre-Maarten mooi.
Hooi-de-booi, hooi-de-booi,
Wat is Sintre-Maarten mooi.
En wat een mooie ninja boy.

Right. Off to check whatever happened to that leaking boiler now but you can do something much more fun than that and go check out the rest of the corner viewers' stories at Jane's: here.

Note: Winter Ninja as seen at shawnimals. Thanks to the boy for the tip. He's not the jealous type, you see.


  1. ROFLOL!!! Great corner view! It gave me a much needed little chuckle. And the little "la ninja is tired" verse cracks me up. Hubba hubba!

  2. LOL... you are too funny. xoxo

  3. Heehee! I love the little woollie ninja with his moustache! And his own little verse to go with him. I was even less inspired by Corner View this week because I didn't even find out what it was!!!

  4. so 'ninja' in dutch means 'ninja'? you are clearly can be a ninja wherever you go...

  5. Sint Maartin, patron Saint of cool shoes?

    Anything you post is fine by me - you have a way and it gives me a guaranteed giggle :)

    p.s. I probably won't be able to participate in the next couple of CV's. This girl will be knee deep in herbs and then taking a short trip...

  6. OH, dang it! He's stinkin' cute!!

    You clever Ninja!

    p.s. Thanks for your kick ass words for Jenny yesterday. I know they were super encouraging for her!

    Happy Ninjaing!

  7. Yes really cute !
    Hope you got your boiler fixed by now :-)

  8. Tired ??? A big hug... and a smile for this adorable "personnage" ;)

  9. He's so cute! Where can I get a coat like his, casue you sure as hell need one today!

  10. crazy crazyness! i like :)

    and just what i needed - i'm in a bit of a grumpy mood today. eh was, i mean.

    p.s.: how many languages do you speak?!

  11. Me encanta el vigotillo.
    Menos mal que no estás inspirada eh?? jajajaja


    Lovely moustache. I want one, for Christmas. A ninja boy or a boy that sees doesn´t matter

  12. FORGIVE ME, I appear to be late:) Sorry you're tired, but you're always, always inspired!

  13. Ohhh ! Merci beaucoup ;) Miam miam !! Les nouilles en chocolat !!!

  14. is a ninja boy a dish ? yes!

  15. what a dishy dude :)
    I'm smiling now ....

  16. Hope you have a happy Sint Maarten Day and blessings~

  17. Haha! What a cutie. Love the mustache -so stylish!!

  18. Is that you bundled up inside the winter ninja?
    Keep warm and I don't have to say 'keep funny', you always are, even if you feel a little...
    Even if you feel tired
    you are always one inspired
    oh, and take care!

  19. Even tired you're still making me smile! Hope you can have a rest soon... Your Ninja is so so so cute... i love it.

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