Sunday, 8 November 2009

mis plantitas

Ages ago, I had threatened a certain Miss Gardener Extraordinaire to show her a pic of my plants when she posted this one. She's been posting a lot on herbs and the like lately (I absolutely dig this drawing) so I thought I'd be a ninja of my word and finally show her mine. Well, you know what I mean.

So there. First one wearing slippers and pjs in my very untidy balcony. That basil's still going strong, by the way. What's more, it's blooming. In November!
I'm still totally clueless about the whole planting thing. Mine just do what they want, honestly. See here and here and, okay here if you're not already bored to death (which you should be by now), for proof. (Proof that I haven't got the foggiest about what I'm doing, that is.)

Second one, a lovely lovely suzanne met de mooie ogen (black-eyed susan) vine that I got as a present from the boy in June and that I managed to kill off in about a month. Great.
I went to the shop after re-potting it and seeing that things were still not looking good, and was told "no direct sunlight". Oh poo. Too late. That's exactly where it'd been all the time.
To replace it, I'm buying one myself next June but this time I'll get the instruction manual too.

Last pic. Love that spraying that plant with water created an invisible still life of sorts on the balcony table. (By the way, that one came full of green and ugly caterpillars, the bastards. However, I managed to get rid of them and save it. Yay. At least one successful rescue in that balcony. Go Green Ninja, go).

Okay, off to break a wall now. No, really. With a big hammer and a golden stone chisel. That's what we do around here on a Sunday morning. It's late enough to make the neighbours crazy, right? Right. There we go.


  1. :o( I can't see the photos...just little a little red x in the upper left corner.

    But I love the commentary--sounds like you garden somewhat like I do--all willy nilly, plant the thing, water them occasionally, and hope for the best!

  2. My favorite is the am Ninja for all seasons in her slippers:)!

  3. Ninja sista - you're a wonderful gardener! Look at that basil...and who knew about direct sunlight on Susan, not me! Like Francesca, I am diggin' the slippers :) ...Go Ninja!

    Very sweet...

  4. what's your secret :)? Ik houd mijn kruiden op één of andere manier nooit in leven, behalve munt en rozemarijn..die groeien iets te goed.

  5. raaaaaaaaaaaa, miss janis for... president('s gardener?) :)

    thx for the slipper praise, they're just silly ones but comfy. and yes, green, clueless and willy-nilly but hopeful ninja ;)

    mint and rosemary easy ones too, I hear? great. next challenge for the new balcony (moving in about 2,5 weeks, bit of a stressful but exciting time in ninjaland.)

  6. me molan tus sapatillas

  7. I LOVE Janis' drawings! The green looks great!!

    Mint... it grows like a mother! Impossible to kill. Rosemary is pretty hardy too. It's so ridiculous in the grocery to buy so why not grow it! Eh?

    Happy Week, Ninja!

  8. Your basil is awesome! I have a mint and rosemary.. I was wondering if I could grow basil inside of house during winter...I woud love to get one too!

  9. i´m sure gardening can be a little daunting where you live. i was amazed at all the container gardening going on there! the first thing i did when getting home was to buy some plants... which have all since died... besos sweet ninja!

  10. Ese glamour en zapatillas y pijama!
    Me encanta...tienes que tener a los vecinos locos jardinera en pijamilla...jajajaja

  11. loving those slippers & PJs! fresh herbs always make me happy, even though i have no idea what to do with them.

  12. Hello?!? Wake up! Where's your CV? I just saw the next CV theme, and I knew you'd come up with a great and fun idea!

  13. fantastic, your basil looks fantastic !

  14. aimee, you're supposed to eat them, hun.

    ibb, sin pasarse un pelo, eh.

    (e)nónima, ;P

    francesca, no pressure, right? tsk, tsk. I am dealing with plumbers, painters and sleepless nights lately so, you know, don't start me "dishing" about you. ;P

  15. Basil, still? Lucky you. Ours froze to death a month ago. I was planning to harvest but too late as usual.


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