Sunday, 1 November 2009

whininja... apparently

I've been told I'm being a bit of a whine lately and, even though that's bloody hard to hear (let alone accept and admit) I've thought about it and it's true. Yes, stress seems to be getting the best of me at times and I don't like it. Apologies to those stuck under my grey cloud.
Reasons why are irrelevant, really. The point is I'm stopping being a misery. Now.
Fingers and toes crossed. Everyone? Ta.

Oh yeah, I cannot really draw but that's me up there. Being stressful. Pulling my hair in a stressful manner (funny arms, I know. I've never been able to draw arms, even at primary school I always had to re-draw all my arms.)
However, I thought I'd put into practice what a certain doodley missy told me about how it is much safer to have things on paper rather than causing havoc inside your head. So there. I thought I'd quickly make a bad self-portrait (to have a look at every time I start being a whinge again). It will, at least, give me laugh seeing those deformed arms.

Also, it reminded me of some beautiful prints by Blanca Gómez (I particularly like her clouds.)
Only in those the ladeez are smiling under the rain. Let's try and aim at that too. Okay, (whi)ninja?
¡Al mal tiempo, buena cara! (And it is pissing it down out there right now. With an effing passion) ;)
UPDATE: To keep my spirits up, it could probably be an idea to use the below too! ;)

happiness hat from Lauren McCarthy on Vimeo.


  1. hi ninjita!
    I really like your drawing. I'm not even able to draw like you do so for me it's just great.
    I like your boots, they remind me those pozero boots you had long ago.
    I also like the illustrations of Blanca but of course, she is a professional so there is no competition.
    big kiss and loads of positive energy.

  2. hola guapa,
    thanks but... really? have you looked at it closely? ;)

    ¡las botas de pocero! ¡qué risa!
    I actually thought about them and about you not so long ago 'cos I've bought a truly "pocero-ish" pair and I wanted to tell you about 'em (you can see them in the "a ninja for all seasons" slide-show, the ones I'm wearing together with blue rain pants on a boat. so very feminine.
    they are double-hard-bastards, they are. :)

    gracias por los ánimos, bonica. nada, una racha quejica, mira... pero va bien oírlo y ponerse las pilas. :)

  3. Cheer up Ninja, your future obviously lies in drawing ;-) Hope to see you tomorrow, with a smile on your face (and possibly one on mine too) - take care and keep on drawing! Baci,

  4. Oh, Ninja! Be happy!

    That video is freaking great! I love her haircut!

    Luxe is going to love your drawing! I can't even draw a stick figure... that bad!

    Hope your week is ridiculously over the top annoyingly happy!

  5. I am okay, really.
    just hadn't realised I was being a bit of a misery and sometimes it's good to have a metaphorical mirror put in front of you (bloody hard but good) so that you step out of it and put things into perspective. right?

    okay, MODgal, off I go in a chirpy-bouncy-whistly-sort-of-annoyingly-over-the-top-happy-way! :)

    donina, you okay, darling? get well soon, yeah?

  6. Hi, my love.
    I have been out, just to go away...huyendo cobardemente. Trying to escape a bit of all...just because I had the same black clouds over my head.
    I am thinking to buy one of those Blanca´s cloudy days...I need some smile in black days.
    Animo chavalilla. Toma aire cuenta hasta diez y pégale una patada a una cosilla blanda para soltar.

  7. Dear whininja, I'm sure you're the lucky girl in the yellow dress, the one golden raindrop above her. Hope fresh wind blew your clouds away.

  8. Hola hermosa!

    I am back from my hols and well, under the sun all looks better, you know that.

    Briconsejo: treat yourself with a nice long and professional massage. I got addicted and it can make a difference.


  9. Oy vey! That "happiness hat" inspires my grumpy side!!! Embrace your inner scrooge I say! Go forth and BARK, whine, and SNEER!

    And then smile when your heart is ready...
    xo, j.

    oh and p.s. Your illustrated woman is fabu!

  10. ibb, ya he visto ya, que rondabas por las castillas. oye, cada uno/a lo que necesite y, eso sí, "my love"?, nos hemos pasao, ¿no? ;P

    francesca, I was really very close to making a golden shower joke connected to your comment, but I won't. :P
    thanks a bunch for your sweet comment, the wind's been and the clouds gone.

    ay, briconsejo, un masajista profesional is what I need.

    janis, back on top form (well minus a few rusty extremities and so on, but you know what I mean) and thanks.

  11. We all go through moments like that - but the sun does come out after the rain or it does peep through the clouds anyway.
    You can too draw! That's a great drawing.!
    Happy Day.

  12. ... hey , i see you there :
    Merci pour tous tes commentaires ! You always make me smile ; ) Continue !! Bises

  13. :D I love the "happiness hat!" :) very cute.

  14. your drawing is how i felt this morning!!!

  15. that was me this morning, too. actually, that was me all day. hey, we all have those days...keep on doodling, girl...

  16. ay caramba, we're all balding soon at this rate, then!

    thank you, you doodle-master (mistress), the doodle-force lies within.


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