Saturday, 23 January 2010

wtf revisited

Exactly a year ago (nearly to the day; I found the below waiting for me two w-ends ago) I wrote this here post and, as I cannot be arsed to re-write it this year, please just click on the link and read for yourselves.
This time the culprits are not L & A, but C & D (and a very cute baby boy.) Also, the Xssy card (funny Purple Ronnie one, btw) did not make it here late all the way from Sheffers, it was York this time. But hey, same meat, different gravy, if you ask me. And... still Yorkshire, now I think of it.
Credit crunch, credit smunch. Still.

On another note, I got fan-fucking-tastic mail all the way from Kansas today. More soon. Watch this space.


  1. The crisis is tougher in some places than others, it seems ;-))

  2. Isn't it just?
    How's you, Miss D? All going according to plan? Fingers crossed from here xx

  3. Hey! Just to let you know that my Camper slippers are cherry red - that's how bad the light was with us this week! They are the best. I think you might be able to get them on Amazon. I just ordered a new pair of Camper shoes from the Camper website....should come next week!

    Look forward to hearing about your parcel! Parcels are always great!

  4. And now I'm wondering: what is 'an alternative service'? ....hmmmm!!

  5. haha! i´ve never seen this before. can´t wait to see what aimee sent you! hugs!

  6. cherry red, di? gosh, they look bright pink on my screen. ha. must get 'em (should have at home, the home of camper :)

    ida, so do I.
    carrier pigeon? camel back? message bottle? unemployed person on foot? who knows.

  7. i'm with ida - i must know, what was the 'alternative service' that delivered it to you? horse? ice skates?

    (arms crossed): now jane, i did not see the name aimee ANYWHERE above. just because it says 'fanfuckingtastic' and 'kansas' in the same sentence... ;)

  8. Still, they delivered your mail, and didn't return it to the sender! I'm kind of curious about the background of your photo, what are those objects?

  9. jane, you just spoiled the surprise. not.
    indeed, fab-fucking-tastic and kansas in one sentence was a bit of a give-away, innit?

    yeah, francesca, I'm well impressed they always end up delivering them, no matter when. I love a good mail service, me. I just find it hilarious 'cos it keeps happening and, you know, any excuse to take the piss.


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