Wednesday, 24 March 2010

no corner view, yes overdue "gracias chicas"

So... gracias chicas.
It's been yonks since I received these wonderfully whimsical magnets from the (I suspect in person even more) wonderfully whimsical Miss ArtsyVillager Extraordinaire. If you don't know who I'm talking about, then, bloody get yourselves over here, to magical artsyville, and PRONTO.
Seriously, I got Aimee's super magnets -which I adore and refer to often and not only with imaginary friends, at the end of January. Pretty rubbish it's taken me this long to publicly thank her and engage in some seriously shameless promotion of her stuff. But, hey enough about me and my always endearing ninja virtues and onto the matter at hand.

Magnets. Lovely magnets. Loooots of 'em (pssst, over here.)
Orange space man there is going ¡Joder! while performing a major eyeroll and thinking there's no fucking way all these bleeding magnets are sharing this lamp with him. While, on the other side, funky chickadee just chuckles and tells him "have a vodka dear, I think our new companions are fan-fucking-tastic but, you know, if you have sharing issues, it's also ok to say no" and thinking to itself, I should really avoid toxic people (spacey or not.)

So, that's what happened in January and then, around the second week of February I got a cool house-warming card from this other Missy with the Mad Curly Hair here. Yup. Another space cadet action from ninja's part and another long period of time elapsed. Right, so here's my public thank you to Jane and go give her new (full to the brim with beautiful photographs) shop the fanfare it should have (not that it needs it, but she loves the company, don't you just? ;)

This was quite a funny one to receive being Amsterdam my adoptive city of choice and the place where I live. It is rather surreal receiving a card from where you are from someone that isn't there. El mundo al revés, love it.
Anyway, girlie wurlies, thanks a bunch. It's actually a good thing I've waited until now to post these as the light is finally good. It was really dark and grey and crap back then and the photos wouldn't have done your pressies any justice. Well, as usual, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Tra la la la.

Note 1: No, I'm not on commission or anything. Just the spring making me go all happy and soft inside and out. It won't last.
Note 2: Yup. I'm playing with da blog and it's all over the shop (pun intended) right now but spring beckons so I'm off to play outdoors and shall try and sort it out and make it look prettier again tomorrow.


  1. I just love happy mail :)
    cool stuff!

  2. Oh man...remind me to reread all your posts if I ever get depressed.....they never cease to make me laugh. ;)
    Please...never leave us alone here in the blogospere. It would be so boring without you!
    A big hug, Jeannette

  3. Very nice gracias post and mundo al reves comment Ninja!

  4. PS what's the excuse for no CV again? Happy Spring!

  5. glad to see that the sun is shining upon our ninja! being a terrible slacker in the CV's of late, i cannot judge. i can only say that you are funny and great and totally deserve a card from your hometown, when you are not IN your hometown, from a friend who is not in your hometown either. cuteness.

  6. How fun! Fantastic shots of your lovely goodies!! Especially love your chickadee and vase! Too cute!

  7. yeah celebrate spring met superaankopen!

  8. stay happy! ... and nutty! lots of besos!

  9. aimee's magnets fucking rock! she only sends me the ones with swears on them.

    i usually travel to amsterdam in april. this is the 2nd year i have decided it's not a good idea financially. but my body - my cells - remembers that this is the time of year when i start packing and planning and i sooooo want to be going. NEXT YEAR i will go!

  10. aren't they wonderful and, yes, can you tell the sun's shining? god, happiness doesn't even start describing it! tra la la la, jolly ninja.

  11. La la la !! I like the work of Aimée too ;) and your happy post ! Have a sunny day.

  12. those magnets are awesome!

  13. I think I have magnet envy! 'Have vodka' and 'Avoid toxic people' get my vote!

  14. ha ha, magnet envy. see? I'd never experienced that one before.
    well, I ordered two extra "avoid toxic people" and "it's ok to say no" for a friend. always handy on the fridge as morning mantra.

    soooo, has everyone been to jane's and aimee's shops (and spent lots of dosh) by now? I want to hear their hits increased by 300% this week. do you hear me? hee hee.

    jane's photograph's are just fab. amsterdam is just one of the places she's captured so well (just check her blog out) and aimee's doodles with a pinch of wisdom are just the right balance btw whimsical and profound.

    still no commission and still giddy from spring weather. oh yeah, hellooooo new people here. so cool to have "strangers" visiting. tra la la la.

  15. holy crap! you posted these on corner view day? i am impressed! how many readers do you think these magnets scared away? i need to send you another 'oh shit' one, will make a note to do that sometime soon. i have to say, though, the shining star of this post was not a dirty word magnet but the picture you received of the city you live in from someone who isn't living there. that, my dear, is the kind of fabulous screwed up logic that makes my day.

  16. your lively promotional post is quite jolly!
    The colors pop and sparkle and so do your words and the words on the magnets and Jane`z photo looks fab and it is kind of surreal to see her photos off the blog and in your home, and yet still magically its all back on the blog!
    Your Ninja magic is back, you have your own ninja poetry, its great, cheers and tootaloo...

  17. me encantan esos imanes, especialmente el de JODER! :)
    qué suerte de recibir esa foto (aunque vivas en ese lugar), es super bonita!
    un beso!

  18. Lucky Ninja!!!
    two of my favorite ladies in my favorite ninja's blog. it's too too much. I need to lay down.

  19. You are hilarious! As are the magnets. Thanks for sharing your find.

  20. Lovely magnets. I am thinking about making a tattoo is ok to say no...jajajaja.
    En medio de la frente. Como tercer ojo, para no olvidar, jajajaja.
    En semana santa he decidido huir. Lejos de todos, unos días. To avoid toxic people. And to share time with friends.

  21. Yonks! This is a happy place and ninja, you are my happy pill. Love the shameless promo 'cause you are doing it for good people. So here here - now get out and enjoy some sun!

    Thank you for the good wishes (I really need them) - Oh, I feel a flash of good ninja thoughts right now... :^)

  22. ey! wheres that ninja???!!

  23. You and your sick Ninja virtues...
    Nice stuff.
    *tsk* *tsk* using the f' word... :D

  24. Wooooooh, it's fun and pretty around here.
    I'll be back.

  25. the magnets are just great!!! would love to have some in german or english!

    wish you a nice spring-time and a great easter.

  26. Hi Ninja! thanks for stopping by Passages Paradis and leaving a little offering. I don't think I've been here before myself. But you are too funny. I'll be back, and you are welcome over by us anytime!

  27. Your blog looks great to me. It's your humor that I most appreciate girl.

  28. Ahh, you lucky girl!! I love happy packages :-)


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