Monday, 5 April 2010

oh dear

From the very cool cats at work is not a job.

This ninja has been busy elsewhere doing utterly important and meaningful elsewhere-related stuff. However, normal nonsensical activity is expected to resume by... well, soon enough.


  1. Soon enough is good already !!!
    So, you speak french also ???

  2. Funny, iam reading your blog right now... I don't always understand your english !-((( but I love your "way of speaking"... Raaaaaaah, my english became so bad...Link blog is on mine now :)

  3. Fantastic! Love the colors!

    Happy Day, NG!

  4. Hey "missy" I am checking a couple of those boxes for you (and me as well)!

    Do what you need to do and see you back here when all those important things are completed...

    Take care xo.

  5. Another ninja post that makes me smile. I just read your comment for Janis on savory dolls, hilarious. Happy elsewhere related stuff doings!

  6. they are absolutely fabulous, daaarling!!
    me want.

  7. Me parto! jajajaja...creo que de esos me voy a hacer un tatuaje en mitad de la espalda, jajajaa.

    De vuelta, muy bien con los amigos y ahora, la jodida realidad...sear life can you explain what´s up with mens for ever?


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