Monday, 12 July 2010

a break from our live on-air footie broadcast of late

Some peace and quiet. Finally.
Slightly random however loosely connected to the footie discussion (in a tangential sort of manner, too obscure a reference, je le sais.) I give you Paul.
No, not the octopus, but the King of Everything Cool, softly stirring the best and the worst inside you.

Oh yeah, and playing some footie. Fancy that! (I do.) Win-win.


  1. Paul Weller is wonderful! Are you sad today about the results of the game last night?

  2. I'm spanish so I cannot possibly be sad.
    I'm delighted spain won. however, what I'm sad about is the kick-boxing bizarre match we had to watch. that and the fact all my people here in the nl are gutted.

    come to think of it, I should have posted the verve's "bitter sweet symphony" ;)

  3. Paul Weller was last week at Bilbao...and about the match...que locura!
    And better: bitter sweet symphony.

    Menos mal que tengo esta semana unos días libres...creo que voy a ir a sacar fotos y desconectar de esta locura....

  4. Congratulations SPAIN and la ninja! Thought of you yesterday and how you must have had, and are still having, a huge celebration... Viva SPAIN!

  5. O.M.G. this is one of my all time faves.... thank you NINJ... I needed this!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. wtf does it have to do with the footy????

  7. my pleasure, mcgill. the question should rather be "what does not have to do with the footy"? ;)

    janis, well. my celebration was pretty contained over here in orangeland, to be honest :)

  8. Ah hah! That's why you were rooting for both teams! Here in Italy we were thrilled for our Spanish "cousins" :-)


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