Wednesday, 18 August 2010

"I'm a puman". "I've got the sense of humour of a human and the fish-eating abilities of a penguin... and the power of a b b wolf."

Beer Dog's Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

A special-mission ninja team is currently combing the city for a sample.

UPDATE: one of my ninja informants tells me it's not the strrrrongest in the worrrrrrld any longer. Some Germans tried to beat them to that mark and they countered with a 41% one called "Sink the Bismarck". How very subtle of them.


  1. men dressed as penguins + a glass of wine in hand = probably something that would lead to sleeping on the stairs in their banana hammocks...

  2. Oy! men in costumes with Scottish accents - bloody good! Thanks Ninja for helping me beat the blehhhs ;^)

  3. not wine, this time, aimee. you should be drinking the "strrrrrongest beer in the worrrrld" (that's my best scottish accent, and I'm sticking to it.)
    penguin suit/banana hammock optional.

    and what triggered this post, coincidentally, is that I read about an american brewery/pub (I didnt' know) in town and mentioned it to the beer expert in the family. without missing a beat, he inquired about their selling "tactical nuclear penguin" (32% alcohol!)
    so, it's all the americans' fault, I say :P

    if nothing else, it's definitely a good bleh antidote, and men using ice cream machines to make beer is rather "cool" too.


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