Monday, 16 August 2010

moloko (in my coffee every morning)

Dobry den, nice (or not) bloggers of the world,

Just back from spending two weeks in the Ukraine. Yesterday was just a pretty couch potato day. Enjoying the clattering sound of the rain on the windows (I know!), reading, and surfing the Interwebs. Three things I had not really been able to indulge in the last fortnight.

It's been two weeks full of fab, new and interesting stuff. Last-minute planning, swooning over mad Cyrillic calligraphy, trying to make ourselves understood, being pretty mystified by nonchalant locals, eating lots of pancakes and ice creams, drinking litres of kvass (that'd be me), forgetting how to say dasvidanya every single time when leaving a place (that'd be me again), amazing at the vertigo-inducing stilettos women wear and, last but not least I'm afraid, sweating like little piggies. Seriously. You've probably read about the heat wave in Eastern Europe but, I'm telling you it's been pretty overwhelming and exhausting. There wasn't a day with temperatures below 35 degrees (and we actually suffered the big 40 during a few days in a row.)

Oh yeah, and I got the lergie. It seems my body's natural defences went to the dogs in the extreme heat conditions (pretty much all right now.)
I have turned into such a Northerner. I cannot take the heat and that's a fact. Well, that and age. Boo hoo.
More pics (not just unedited telephotony) coming up at some point.

P.S. Oh yeah, should anyone care about it, the tomato plant is doing well (it seems the heat wave pretty much by-passed Central Europe completely, plus a friend popped round my house now and again to water my plants.) Hooray. At least three teeny tiny mini toms are already putting an appearance. Watch this space for more riveting (I'm telling you, riveting) urban balcony gardening. However, for serious tomatina, check fuoriborgo out. Impressive or what.


  1. Great time so! Genial!
    Love those photos...the second one seems to be an outdoors sauna.
    And those words remind me the polski.

  2. seriously? that hot?
    this rain must have swept you off your feet, huh?

  3. Wow, a different world there, and Ms. Ninja in the middle of it! Love these candid shots - I am looking forward to seeing more. And the "lergie" oh I understand... 40C = 104F! I would be on my back and doing nothing else. Happy homecoming and take it easy! xo

  4. is that man in his grundies?????

  5. of course he bloody is.
    you should know by now I only post pics of men wearing either silly undies or serious reptiles (no pun intended.)

  6. oe wat heb je weer een shocking fotoos
    brrrr die slang..!

    [we waren in de vakantie naar iguana in vlissingen, leuk voor ward, ik heb staan huilen van ellende. als dat geen moederliefde is... ;)]

  7. I smiled all the way through your humorous accounts of your travel (you must make the perfect travel companion - never bored with la ninja bloguera), beamed with pride at your nice mention of my tomatoes (thanks for not including my poor chard), and then laughed so hard at your reply in the comments above!
    Welcome back! Easter europe is on my list, I think I've never been further east in Europe than Venice!

  8. Lucky you ! and pretty good and extraordinary shots !!! And hooray for tomato plant (and the smile on my face reading you).

    ps : cycling counts ;)

  9. it has been hot here, too, and a mug of kvass sounds pretty good! i can't wait to see/read more about your adventure!

  10. I want that pet too, it could keep me warm in winter (or it could die because of the cold, who knows?)

  11. dona, they told us this last winter it'd been -20 (centigrade) so... not sure about the snake mortality ratio. however, it'd suit you, madam :)

    hola people!

  12. oh my gosh, that trip sounds (and looks) amazing! i'm not so sure about the guy wearing the banana hammock, though!

  13. go on, you love him and you know it.

  14. I love these photos!! I have never been to Ukraine before... Looks like it's a great place to visit but it might be better if the temperature is lower..
    Thank you for sharing the great photos!!


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