Saturday, 11 September 2010

I hate...

...coughing my lungs out.
(come on, it has been a whole week now. I really could 
use one decent night sleep, as well as both my lungs. ta.)

a-ranting & a-moaning
-an increasingly random series that will captivate the hearts of young and old alike-


  1. :(

    i've had a tickle in my throat for the last 2 days, i'm doing my best to fight it. get better!

  2. Hope you'll get better soon. Congratulations for your new job! All the best for the next course, Take Care

  3. So sorry! That's unfortunately part of going back to school ... and apparently teachers also get sick! Hope your lungs get well soon.

  4. I hope by now you are feeling better... Wishing you a happy Monday and healthy lungs! Good luck at school today too :^)

  5. I just read this today and that's pretty much what I sound like at night: "a cough that sounds like a barking seal"

  6. I can't imagine you as a seal !!!

    A mermaid, may be ?

    Are you better today ?

    French big hug

  7. dear ninja. so cool that you've been to kiev too :-)
    it's not a usual city to spend the holidays..well about the cough: go to a natural foods shop/organic shop and buy elderberry syrup. drink it very hot several times a day. it helps. and it tastes mmmmhhhh...send you sunlight and wish you a happy day*

  8. ...I bring you some ginger tea, with honey (do you like ginger?)
    feel better soon miss!!

  9. ... and my smile after your comment, and a French big hug ;)

  10. que te mejores pronto!!
    un abrazo!!


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