Saturday, 18 December 2010

long time no ninja. but hey... holidays. yay.

Long time, no ninja indeed. But here I am. Ta-da.
Tired, sleepy and potentially snow-bound but here. Ta-da (again.)

I have been out and about quite a bit these last few weeks. Home and away. Even though it has all been lovely, I am sort of still catching up with my ninja shadow (which keeps scurrying away from me and being all over the place these days.) All is well, just a bit tired. Good tired, though. "¡Hola!"
Right, I'm supposed to be flying shortly. However, we have been covered in snow here for a couple of days, which somehow messes up with the trains no end. Flights too but I'm more confident on that one (yesterday's massive snow storm is over.) I have checked and nearly all flights to the UK, Ireland, parts of France and Germany have been cancelled. The sun is shining here so I reckon the problem is at their end. Let's cross fingers and toes Barcelona is lovely and sunny and landable. Then again, Spanish air controllers have been on and off strike the last few weeks. One just cannot win, can one? Fingers and toes crossed again. La ninja against the elements (and we are not very good at that, think Spanish Armada) and the pissed-off air controller guild.

This boring weather-related-travelling-paranoia has been triggered by recent experiences. I was in Paris last week for a two-day school trip and we were caught in the worst slushy snow storm in the universe (boots and three pairs of socks wet... that sort of slushy.) Apart from cold, wet and miserable (Eiffel Tower partly closed due to mist, hail, snow, slush, strong wind... you name it), traffic was a nightmare. We managed to pull into Amsterdam at 4:30am on a cold Thursday morning. Lovely.
Two weekends before that, I was in Sheffield visiting friends. I was lucky to only have suffered a couple of hours delay on the way back. However, it was the start of the messy weather, really.
The views from the plane on the way there were really really lovely. It had just started snowing in The Netherlands, but the UK was already under a good blanket of the white stuff.
In between all that, another weekend of suffering cold, wet slushy snow being stuck in the middle of nowhere, while going to visit family in Holland went by. So, last weekend was mostly spent watching films indoors. I watched old stuff (The Big Sleep), lots of Green Wing extravaganza and ate popcorn.Bliss. Indoors. Warm. Pyjamas. Blisssssssss.

Now I'm off to sunnier parts again and have decided to spend New Year's Eve in an even colder city than da Dam. So... Let the travel begin. Again.
Good luck to all of those (potentially) stranded around the Xmas hols. All the best. Keep smiling and stay warm. I am trying. Hard.

Merry everything, ninja readers (whoever and wherever you are, and whichever your reasons to read this stuff and watch these pictures are... Much appreciated, honestly.) Have a good 'un, all of you.


  1. Well ninjinta...
    have a lovely christmas and I love, love, love your pics.
    Great ones!
    I know cold weather it's a pain in the ass but at least it gives you nice views.
    big kiss

  2. Merry Christmas! I hope all your travel plans go well. Hmm - wonder where you're going for new year - colder than Amsterdam - Stockholm, Oslo, Moscow, Edinburgh......

    I have had a quieter few weeks than normal at this time of year - partly due to my mum being ill (on the mend now we hope) and partly due to all the freezing weather and snow - it's not been above freezing for over a week....brr....

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. happy, happy to you! i am a little envious of your travels, but the weather issues make it sound so unappealing. i hope you arrive at your destinations safely, and have a wonderful xmas and new year!

  4. Yeahhhhh, hello again !-))
    Happy & merry... Never too late.

  5. Wherever you are... I wish a great Xmas & holidays!! xo - G.

  6. Merry everything Ninja! We're in snowy weather too, but the swiss are so organized: as soon as one snow flake hits the road, they remove it!

  7. Good luck with your travels, ms. ninja!
    Ultimately you will land where you need to be:))
    Happy and Merry Joyous Ninja Holidays to ya!

  8. Good luck and enjoy new year at home!

  9. Thanks for sharing these beautiful scenes and moments.
    I wish you a happy and creative new year!!!

    Red you soon

  10. Holy frozen Ninja!!! Do some traveling for me too will ya? See those beautiful sights that only Europe offers...oh dear...

    Is the Ninja a wild child on this eve of the new year? Happy 2011!!!

  11. Oh my, so much snow. Hope you managed to travel with out too many delays.
    Happy New Year Ninja :)

  12. la neu? és magia potagia, e.

    wild child? me? nah :)

  13. proper snow in your place too !!!
    Wish you an Happy and sweet new year

  14. merci !...for your sweet words, for your te regrette déjà !
    and happy new year dear Ninja !


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