Friday, 21 January 2011

the sun came out and the chicks danced

Will you look at that chick basking in the sun. Oh joy!

Everyone in Northern Europe seems to have ever-so-briefly been sun-kissed this week. I've spotted blog posts left, right and centre with titles such as sun, clear skies, light... You get the gist of it. 
We had all been seriously looking forward to it. With a hungry passion.

Not long enough to make me start worshipping Belenus, Ra or Deus Sol Invictus. However, it has made me happy, I have been cycling every day and my cough is getting better. Hooray.
There. I said it. This ninja is briefly joining the predictably happy blogger army, stationed around this neck of the woods.

Therefore, and obligingly, I should give you sunny shots -which is what one obviously does in these cases. However, mine are a tad poor. So, forgive the in-motion-phone-quality.

Taken on my cycle to/from work the last couple of days. Chickens and roosters included.
That lump up there is two roosters on a tree. Not sure you can see them. Not sure what on earth they were doing up there either. They were all as excited about the blue skies as us, blogging folk.

Oh yeah. Flowers! Eggs! Those have also made me smile lately.
There. Now I am properly girly blogger material. Proper proper: I give you skies, flowers and food pics. How about that.
Were I to wish you a good weekend... Would that be over the top?


  1. oh it looks like my last weekend eggs! i might have these again tomorrow!!!

  2. they look so good those eggs :)

  3. not over the top at all - happy weekend to you as well!

    (chicken on the streets?!)

  4. :) sunny, blue sky (but still cheeky!) ninja!

    happy weekend

  5. Proper indeed.

    Ps. No sun here.

  6. Nice bucolic ride to work. Bu wait, do you do vocational activities or vacation-al?! :)

  7. I know, ducks one day, chicks the next... it is just like national geographic in amsterdam! :)

    and yes, the sun's long gone, the bugger.

  8. Menudos momentazos! Sol gallinas y huevos...jaja

  9. hahahahahaaa!! ninja toch!
    dit was eens en nu weer gewoon doen ja?!
    je bent juist zo een fijne un-proper-blogger.

  10. ott totally, but rather sweet too, dear.

  11. Skies, flowers, joy and "gourmandise"... What a nice post!

  12. You're funny,
    even when you're sunny.
    Glad to see your smiles and that sweet dancing chicken, I'll tell you all the chickens we've been seeing are much less free and we've been wishing for some happy ones, so glad to see your sparklin' photo(s):))

  13. yesterday i bought the same flowers in red. i didn`t know, you can also have them in white. they are so beautiful. do you know the name of it?

    that chicken is so funny =)

    i stopped looking for a sofa... it is such a hard decision!

    yours dani

  14. :-) I think I am in love with you. Happy this weekend!


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