Monday, 21 March 2011

and off we go...

Let's grow, grow, grow.
Oh, 21st of March, how have I longed for thee. About bloody time you came round too.

Thanks a bunch for the card, Missy. It arrived bang on time. Raaaaaaaa.
Yes, definitely.


  1. happy day! and wowza, that little message traveled across the pond in record time!

  2. would it perhaps be a certain little ninja's birthday? if so, happiest of days to you, ninjacita :)

  3. yessssss..... let's grow! we are cultivating seedlings in the sunny kitchen window at the moment and counting down the days until we can plant them outside!

    birthday? yours? if so, HAPPY! :)

  4. nah, no b-day. start of spring.
    hurrah, hurrah, hurrah.

  5. Wow, this photo is like an old Dutch painting. Beautiful, dramatic!

    I am thankful spring is here too, though spring has not sprung yet for us - thought it did, and then it didn't! How about you there in A'dam?

    Happy spring Ninja, happy bike rides along the canals and pickled herring!

  6. pfffff, your english is too mystery for me . i don't understand a word !

  7. just my kitchen, janis.

    the new phone is also good at "telephotony" (bit more complicated during bike rides, though. touch screen. proper challenge and danger now :)

  8. Can you please tell spring to relax and stay for a while, she keeps going back into hiding.


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