Sunday, 6 March 2011

moving through water and basket tattoos

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this while cycling back from work over the river Amstel. I thought to myself: "I would totally love to do that".
Well, I have been to a try-out rowing lesson (at the municipal rowing club) this afternoon and, I am telling you, I am utter pants.
Regardless of my inabilities, I have decided to enrol for a short beginners course anyway; on a four-person boat. I was originally thinking of a one-person (plus instructor); however, I was rubbish enough having to deal with just the one oar, let alone two. That would be too big a challenge for this ninja. Basic limb coordination seemed to be challenging enough.

Right, so I did not take any pics for obvious reasons (I was too busy getting myself tangled in a hem-of-jacket-end-of-oar affair) but it has been a gloriously sunny day. I feel all rosy-cheeked and knackered. (The latter has more to do with antisocial neighbours who need proper sorting out. But that is, altogether, a completely different kettle of fish, really.)

Plan was going to the temporary exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum afterwards, but I will go later on this week. I will also be posting some photographs of last year's temporary exhibition soon. With all the shots I take at museums and galleries, I should start a regular section or something.
The Stedelijk building has been closed for renovation for about eight years (!) now, so we are all chuffed with these temporary gigs/peeks.

On the cycle back home I "did" take some pics, though. Basket stocking tattoo. Viva el sol.


  1. huhuuu... i don`t have enough time to read every post :) i just wanted to tell you, that your lot is in. i will tell you, if you are one of the winners.

    have a lovely evening, yours dani

  2. totally dig what you're saying, and cracking up too, you brave one! the closest i've ever come to rowing abilities is watching something like it in SLIDING DOORS, remember? that was a glorious day too, inclusive of john hannah. ha.

  3. wow, that's cool! you'll be rowing at the olympics in no time, i can feel it!

  4. WHEN is the stedelijk going to open?! i was planning my trip for april this week and was bummed out to find that it is still not open. i regret not sneaking away from my tour group and doing a quick run through the museum when i was first there in 1998. it closed shortly after... let me know if going to the temporary one is worth it!

  5. kristina: w'ever you say ;P

    dunno jen, hun. no-one believes in their building planning anymore. you go shout at them.
    1998? I reckon I saw bill viola's work back then (that's the year I moved to a'dam :)
    rijks is also under construction as is "onze lieve heer op zolder", as is, as is, as is...
    city life.

  6. Sunny rowing el sol.

  7. How very brave of you - I'm not sure I'd go anywhere near that cold water right now, I'm such a wimp! Viva el sol!

  8. new ninja training! isn't that water FRRRRRR-reezign right now? go, ninja, go!

  9. um, that would be FRRRRRRR-reezing. gotta love what pregnancy AND insomnia do to a brain.

  10. I'm sure I would totally hate to do that ;) So : bravo. The next time you do that (or ride your bike), I'll go to the museum!

  11. So cool with the rowing classes ... I would love to try that :)
    Look forward to your museum pics!

  12. I have always wanted to do rowing too! I love the rhythm.


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