Thursday, 10 March 2011

the woody blues

Late and knackered. Story of my life lately.
However, I am here and in good spirits. That is the other side of the coin, in the story of my life lately. At least we are trying.

Lots of woody action taking place on the canal a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, all the wood came from the trees being chopped off during works on the street. 
Totally heart-breaking seeing them go but, appartently, they were ill and some young ones will be planted to replace them.

Bring on the young trees and that bloody spring, then. It is raining cats and dogs out there right now.

So. Wood. That was corner view's theme this week. cv over here.


  1. Wood... symbol for death and life? or patience?

  2. Otli is so nice. Wood, taken down in a city ... symbol of suspicion!

  3. Love the two reactions above :^)

    Death, life, patience, suspicion...

    How about, sadly practical for the sake of progress.

    So cheers to the new trees! May they live long, peaceful, uninterrupted lives.

  4. we are also waiting for this "bloody" spring ... have a great week end !!

  5. my heart breaks when trees befall such a fate. renewal is what they say, indeed, drastic tree cosmetics in order not to lose too much time. ohhhhhhhh, it makes me a tad angry...
    and sad.

    i think i could be a tree hugger!

  6. Here weather is in a montaña 5ºC tomorrow 20ºc, morning 0ºC afternoon 15ºC, snow, rain, sun...all the seasons in one day.
    All the virus inside me...Enjoy weekend. And spring will arrive always does.

  7. We also had something like this in my parent's street. They cut the trees I collected chestnuts from when I was a child. Hated the men for doing this. The did not only cut the trees but also cut a hole into my heart! :-(

  8. Yes bring that bloody spring now.

    We walk along a row of lilac trees on our way to school and kindergarten. Every year in early may we find ourselves ploughing our way through cut branches. Surrounded by nicely round shaped bushes. "Gardeners" effectively sweping the buds of the sidewalk. Ok, no blooming this year. Either. Not the same thing but this came to mind reading your words. Happy weekend!

  9. Your CV is a really interesting perspective on wood! Hope the new trees grow soon. :)


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