Saturday, 12 March 2011

"most men..." says pien

Miss Pienduzz has a rad series going on called "Most men bring flowers", which I already referred to last week, on my kitchen tap post.  I have now realised she was, in turn, referring to Jane's post here.

Not sure about "most men" actually bringing flowers, but analysing the cliché would be a totally different post. What I know is that Pien's brings her cow tongue, fungus, a dead grouse or even a pony (the latter alive and kicking); while Jane's brings her jamón serrano. Ole y ole.

There have been a few occasions when I have thought of this series and the below was one of them.
I am really, speedy ninja, you see. I took the below pics in June 2010. Tra la la.
Last year, one day in June, I got home to find this fabulous combo: gorgeous flowers (anyone knows the name of this sort?) and a sealant gun. Hooray! All a lass needs, really.
The top bit of the living room windows was duly ninja-sealed.
However, the flowers actually faded changing colour quite quickly. Does any of you flower connoisseurs have any idea of the reason why? (I'm thinking Francesca or Malo here, but... anyone?) They were absolutely beautiful but a tad delicate.

Oh yeah, all that whining and moaning about the weather has been heard and listened too.
The sun is out. It is proper warm, no gloves, no scarf. Woo hoo. I have hung the washing outside, have all windows and doors open (bit carried away, I know) and I am listening to Elvis Presley full blast. Woo hoo. Again. And again: Woo hoo.
Off to the streets to bask in the sun now. See yas.


  1. dear sweet ubercool ninja
    thanxxzz for making me laugh out loud!

    big kis and hug

  2. i´m laughing too! :):):)

  3. Jajajaja
    Elvis, sun and windows opened...what do your neighbourd think about you dancing in your house like a mad girl?

  4. :-) What a winner combo!

    About the flowers. My guess would be peonies but I am not at all sure. Made my day to be referred to as flower connoisseur :-)

    Hope the sun stays with you and have a happy week!

  5. Too much chlorine in your tap wanter? I honestly don't know! Personally, I believe that flowers are underrated, and I love a gift of fresh flowers, something I never, ever buy for myself - whereas I would totally buy a silicon gun when needed. I love your Natl Geo world map on the wall. Ciao!

  6. ...and single, semi-double peonies fade very quickly. I have a bush in my garden and I've stopped bringing them in because they only last for a day or two inside.

  7. So - you have a man that brings you flowers AND is handy around the house? He's a keeper Ninja!

  8. these were humongous, though, maria. that's why I wasn't sure what they were. ta, you "connoisseur", you :)

    francesca, it's not the water. otherwise, all flowers would fade at mine ;)
    I also love flowers and I both receive them and buy them for myself. I'm totally thrilled when I get them but don't think I need to expect anyone else to do that for me (plus I live in the netherlands, I mean... we all buy flowers at the market every week.)
    however, what I meant to say is that I'm not sure "most" men actually buy their gals flowers. many don't buy them flowers or anything at all for that matter. I also wonder what "most" women buy their men, in turn.
    two-way street, two-way street. XXI century :)

    ibb, who said I was dancing :P

    janis, he is both, yes. I sealed the windows myself, though. he just lent me the thing.

  9. think that those are blown out roses?!?!?! which would be why they shed their petals so quickly. not an expert but just a guess.

    i love the duo that your man brought. sealant is not a gift to underestimated. printer paper, index cards, power tools are some of my favorite gifts.

    glad you're a warm and sunny ninja... it's cold here in nyc. i would whine, but it's a little hard to when compared to a tsunami. know what i mean?

  10. Gorgeous peonies! (My man brings me tulips and silk dresses. No joke.)


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