Thursday, 28 April 2011

pressing on...

Radishes to the right... Stand up and salute.
Cukes to the left... Whatever.

Right, I don't normally interact much through questions and stuff but I have been meaning to ask this for a bit: What the hell do you lot do with comments? Is there a commentiquette at all?

The reason I ask is because I am rather flaky and even though I read every single one of them, I do not often reply. I have also noticed that barely no-one (and I am including me) goes back to see whether a conversation has started. Ever.
Answers on a postcard, please. Cheers.


  1. Hummm... good questions Ninja. As far as "commentiquette" goes, I am stumbling in the dark as well. Though in my observation, it looks to be random. I am random. So let's see what others say and maybe I can learn something too!

  2. I'm not sure what you mean by "to see whether a conversation has started." I recheck my comments regularly. Usually if there is a question posed that might be asked by others, I answer it in the comment section.
    However, usually I respond by email. Since all the comments come up on my email, I can respond fairly easily (if they do a'no reply comment' option, then I have to hunt their email on their blog--if they don't have it there, then it probably won't get answered).

    I know of several bloggers who have a running conversation in their comment section. One even does a running poem type set up where each comment is another section of the poem.
    I will get that particular blog and post info to you later along with two posts by other bloggers addressing this same issue.

    I do try to visit those who comment on mine and some I end up adding to my sidebar and checking regularly. I consider it a polite gesture to visit at least once and leave a thank you and a comment. That's my etiquette anyhow.

    But now I go grade LOTS of papers.

  3. radishes to the right- stand up and salute! you crack me up.
    big hugs my friend!
    p.s. i´m curious to see what others say too...

  4. I do read all comments.

    Often I visit the blog of the commenter, and leave a thank you or comment on one of their recent blog posts.

    Sometimes I send an e-mail.

    Sorry about the cukes...

  5. I try to leave a reply, which may be useful to other readers too.
    Some blogger blogs use Intense Debate (I presume a free app), and the reply gets automatically emailed to the person, as well as showing in the comment section. Typepad threading commenting works like that, but only for those who've chosen to receive emails. Ciao!

  6. Wow ! Nice mini garden!
    I read all the comments I receive and go to the blog of the writer to answer, because - you're right - only one or two of them come back to read the answer.

    And so... May be my book (if I have readers ;)) will be translated in English one day (a dream). But, no matter your French, your support is important. Thanks to you Ninja.

  7. Love your mini garden :)
    Like ötli i usually go to the other blog to answer. A few times i have answered in my comments if it was a kind of general question, but like many i usually don't go back to check a blog if i have asked a question, but then again, a few times I have checked the box that I want to get an email if there was more comments/replies on that post.

  8. aha, I see that more or less everyone is on the same boat and, therefore, answering this is pointless as you will not come back and read it :)

    I normally go and answer on the commenter's own blog too, resulting in utterly random comments only s/he understands. s/times I mail.
    right. thanks a lot. I see we are all pretty random at this. general randomness is good.

    p.s. cukes are coming along all right, by the way. they are just sloooooow and cool, obviously.

  9. Same boat here as well.
    But actually, reading your comment here on the comments post does add to the conversation, as there you are, and even if the one who wrote the comment doesn't answer, the next ones to visit, in this case Me,
    gets the chance to read your continuation of the conversation, so the conversation as others commented goes from here to there randomly and its ALL part of the randomness---can't help but liken it to those sprouts, its fun when the replies 'sprout' up here and there, without having a necessary pattern or rule...


  10. Sigh of relief to read to comments here, good to know I'm not alone. I LOVE comments, but rarely reply. But I visit my commenters and may comment on their blogs. Love your radishes, they are about the same hight as mine :)

  11. jgy: your comment cracked me up. totally love the "sprouting" reference. yes! let's keep the randomness alive (we're doing well, so far :)

    you're not alone, dorit. I've been wondering about this for the last two years. I reckon everyone is and we're all doing our own thing... but kind of on the same line, which is indeed, okay. organically organised chaos :)

  12. ... SAME ! Random...
    i'd like to be organised, and do the same all the time, but... but.... you know...
    The best -for me- is when you can answer by email (like you & me)...
    But very few have their email "open"...

  13. I read the comments and only respond in my blog if it is a question for several people who may or may not ever check again. I tend to answer individual questions in the questioner's blog, like you do..which I love...the running random conversations and jokes are fun.


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