Saturday, 30 April 2011

painting the town orange

Orange, orange, orange is the colour. Hip hip hip... hoera!
 It's Koninginnedag here today and I'll be off shortly to join the madness. From atop a boat.


  1. have a great time! wish i was there, too. i'll wear my orange clogs today in the queen's honor. and i'll drive my little orange car around and think of amsterdam...

  2. sounds fun. enjoy!

  3. You can be proud of well-dressed! Sounds nice ;) And this is well-photographied ;)

  4. Orange in Amsterdam, yellow at jgy's place - love all the blasts of color!

  5. as in William of Orange???? it's been a million years since I stopped by your lovely blog... where is that McGillicutty>>>>> i'm a slacker!!!!! :)

  6. I don't really care about kings and queens but it's always so good to see people joining together to celebrate in the streets. Enjoy!

  7. oh, neither do I (care about royalty) but koninginnedag is a fab national celebration.

    p.s. as in the house of orange-nassau, the dutch royal family, yes.

  8. Hope you enjoyed a lot!
    Sorry for not writting your page is gafada at home and can not open it until come to work!
    Will follow a bit more, promise

  9. Finally I arrived to see the Orange!
    Sorry I`m late but now I feel as if I traversed a piece of the rainbow.
    Yeah for the colorful day! Will you show us the view from the boat?!
    cheers to keeping the random rhythms,


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