Friday, 6 May 2011

the art of procrastination and massive cucurbits in the making

My middle name is Crastination, Pro Crastination. I like that. I read it somewhere a while ago and it stuck. (It's not mine, no credit taking when it's not due. Contrary to common belief, ninjas are honest and fair beings.)

Anyway, I shall not get into details (ninjas are also rather reserved) but it seems the more time I have, the less I achieve. I have been perfecting procrastination forever. I excelled at it at university, when I used to have chats with the Head of the Department about writer's block, Joseph Conrad, writing essays in English as a foreigner, whatever... My mates could not believe I managed to get an extension for every-single-essay I had to hand in. I always celebrated by going out and procrastinating some more. Of course.

Well, peeps, if you are reading, I am still crap or, rather, pretty good at it. So, without further ado, here is a procrastinating post on green stuff. See? I told you, anything but writing a report (or the three I am already behind with. Tra la la la la.) Oh yeah, I also bought a beautiful old wardrobe and have decided to organise the house (it used to be redecorating my student room back then, it is redecorating my whole apartment right now.) Same old pattern. Pathetic and weak. Boo hoo.
Right, self-therapy session over (sorry, needed to, I'll go back to jolly superficial now), quickly onto green stuff and then work. Yay... not. (Or in true, if a tad trite, Conradian fashion: The horror, the horror... not that I exaggerate or anything.)

On another note, I am having a sort of green boo-boo moment. 
I have realised the whole growing cucumbers on the balcony may not actually be such a good idea. My mum told me on the phone last week and someone had already mentioned it before... Those babies crawl on the ground and grow in vines. I knew that (didn't I?) So, what the ding dong (ramalamadingdong) was I thinking of? Oh well... 

First stop is re-potting the cukes and the radishes (this weekend). But, to make matters more interesting, I have also heard from friends -the ones who gave me the tomato plant last year, have a garden and seem to know what they are doing, that I have been a crazed carried-away green ninja and should NOT have just used up all the seeds in one go. I have to replant them individually now, sprout by sprout, and that's going to be a pain and a half.
Oops. Again. I hope I don't kill too many.

Here they are. Pics starting last week. Last one taken just now and those cucurbits are pressing on now. Winning hands down.
I have now added strawberries to the lot (mini clay pot in the middle.) If I'm starting a whole bleeding allotment on the balcony, I might as well do it properly and make the bugger collapse. Ha.

p.s. For some serious green-fingered action and already edible radishes, have a look at this professional outdoorsy one doing her thing.


  1. Your seedlings look great! You can transplant the cucumbers into bigger pots as soon as they grow two true leaves, move them out to the balcony as soon as the (night) temps are favorable, and let them crawl, why not? But I'm afraid radishes are next to impossible to transplant, and they are a bit too crowded to grow nice bulb roots in your pot: you should harvest them now (or maybe all of them but four), and eat them as sprouts: bread, goat cheese, radish sprouts, little salt, pepper and olive oil - better than any red roots:). Also, get yourself more pots, and try growing Mediterranean herbs: thyme, rosemary, marjoram, winter savory etc they all do well with little soil. Happy gardening!

  2. Just saw this, no-idea-what-they're-growing (fava beans, thyme and something else?) but it's in pots!

  3. I also just saw another style of gardening/harvesting:
    flickr is really a great source of inspiration:)

  4. You have such happy little seedlings! They look as though they have Ninja spirit for sure. Good joojoo! you know what I mean? Speaking of - you amaze me with your essay extensions. I imagine you can talk your way through, and out of any situation. Ninja Luck!

  5. on-your-way-hey??!!
    you'll be surprised, once they get going, there's no stopping them, not even pro crastination.
    in fact?
    proper little ninja's they are too...

  6. I love how they look just now and how you captured that.

  7. they look great to me, ninjita. Of course I do not have any bloody idea of making any vegetable grow. I manage not to kill a ficus benjamina that Mr. Potter gave me five years ago, I'm still amazed. I don't want to tempt the luck so I stopped there.
    Taking into account that I had never coocked before for me or others, the fact that we are four alive beings at home and we are still breathing it's a total succes for me.
    big kiss

  8. I do procastinate myself a lot and I've become very lazy so I apologize if my written english is not as good as the level required for this excellent blog.
    another big kiss

  9. That's revolutionary!*

    *trying out a new expression,
    and love those sprouts:))


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