Sunday, 5 June 2011

n is for ninja

So, basically, last post was b is for birthday (revisited for a second time in the name of laziness) and I seem to have missed last corner view (ahem, a few more), coincidentally themed m is for... 

To keep on this trend, I thought I would give you n is for ninja plus a few more random telepics taken lately both home and (not-so-far) away.
It is currently pretty manic in my head (the voices are back, yes) with course work and work-work. Therefore, n is also for not a lot of ninja activity around here.
N is one of my fab pressies. My b-day do came and went and it was great. 40? Bring it on.
Lots of people, lots of vodka tonic, lots of laughs, lots of lasses from Barcelona, lots of dancing, lots of goals from Barça... Lots of love and good stuff.
Now back to work (me, not you.)


  1. Knitting, gardening, bicycling ... such at healthy lifestyle at 40, I'm glad you mentioned the vodka!:)

  2. no knitting, it's just a shop. loved the colours.
    'vodka, dear', as aimee would doodle. where is she? off I go to get her.

  3. oh, i'm here! vodka dears for all, and bring on more photos! i'm loving these!

  4. Vodka...for me is time of "Gintonic" ;)

  5. that last picture is me on a good day, trying to do course work. unfortunately so bloody appropriate...

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  7. N is for Nice idea and Nice photos... So have a Nice day!

  8. Nifty post, Ninja!
    I've been thinking of you recently as you inspired me to plant sprouts, the time passes so quickly that between the b's and the n's I've grown a pot-of-radish sprouts in a miso container, and have already had them in salad!
    Thankin you for the nutritious inspiration, I'll have a sunflower ready soon and if that doesn't sprout to completion, some Italian parsely and it whichever comes first it will be for you a belated birthday gift!!

  9. N is for nnnaughty, nnnarvelous, nnnagnificent... N is a hard one! Kisses friend, so glad you had a great celebration!!!

  10. niiiiiice. happy B, sweet ninja... dont't they say that ninjas get better with age?


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