Sunday, 12 June 2011

no destination, cool floating music and a room with a view and a half

This is one of the videos NASA astronaut Catherine Coleman shot while on board the ISS.
How cool is the whole setting... The fact they are never going anywhere in particular, the flying flutes (and hair, and hoop earrings), the bloody impressive cupola of the station (where she used to play), the fact that she might have been right above you when she rehearsed at night... 
She should stop nicking everyone else's flutes, though.

I got this video from that boy last month as, one evening after rowing (yes, I am still rowing and starting to actually feel like I know what I am doing), we were having dinner on the river and he went: "there it is, look". He had already told me (I tend to not listen attentively at times) that, apparently, it would be very easy to spot the ISS above Amsterdam that evening. It was. A little bright spot flew from West to East up in the evening sky as we sat there sipping our drinks.

Digression: The weather has been absolutely amazing this spring. Dinner has been had al fresco on the Amstel river, more often than not, once a week after rowing. Look at these pics taken just before 10pm a few weeks ago.
I have now checked it out and, apparently, the ISS orbits the earth about every 90 minutes. 
You can use this link to track and spot it (as well as other satellites) above you on a weekly basis.
Hooray. Space Ninja embracing new interests. Whatever keeps me away from essay-writing, like. Speaking of which... Ahem. See yas.

P.S. This is my cheeky, tardy and slightly off topic entry for corner view this week.


  1. What a wonderfull evenings...after rowing, dinner outside! Perfect!
    Here, rain, cold and grey...a bit of sun for monday...maybe week of changes...cross fingers

  2. How beautiful - who needs a view from the space when we get such gorgeousness down here on earth (ok, by the river - the water helps, always, and there's no water out there in space!)? Hope space ninja is enjoying school vacation now!

  3. sounds like wonderful evenings :)

  4. Que flipe, con todos los pelacos y las flautas flotantes!!

  5. Y could spend hours looking a those floating flutes!!

  6. Good name for a folk punk band too...

  7. ja ja ja, me has hecho reír. bastante. gracias.

  8. Jaja, bueno, para ser sinceros no era mi intencion llegar a "bastante", pero me alegro...


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