Sunday, 31 July 2011

erratic is the word

So, erratic it is, and will continue to be. This ninja is no regular, organised, disciplined blogger. Oh well, no news there.

Cheers to the generous soul who gave me some book vouchers for my 40th b-day (at least, I assume they were for me; they were simply sitting around and it was my partee, so I took them.) I never had the chance to say thank you but I got myself a book called "Forty". How about that.

Look at the lovely flowers my future potential cucumbers were sporting a couple of weeks ago (they have more flowers now, but I have not taken any more pics.) Good sign, innit?

Also, those wooden boxes are temporary mini allotments of sorts (for what I can gather.) They have appeared on an empty plot pending development in the neighbourhood, together with a grassy play area. What a fantastic, green use of empty city space. Liking this urban farmers lark, if a tad enigmatic to me (

Over and out. At least, until next erratic ninja brief. 

p.s. The sign on the bookshop window reads something on the lines of "We strongly recommend you urgently read this book". Ha.


  1. my favorite ninja, it's nice to see what you're up to. glad to see you're not killing your garden. ha!

  2. Hello!! I am equally poor at posting at courgettes had one flower, that one flower fell off and didn't leave a courgette! Very sad.

    Liking the urban allottments - look good!

  3. Nice to see your erratic view of the city.
    Time to read, time to look vergies grow, time to is not bad that erratic post!

  4. ...and such beautiful pre-cucumbers they are!

    Me too with the blog. Probably time for me to take a break from it. So I hear ya - I understand!

  5. I just turned 40, too...Well, not bad so far !-))
    (haven't done a party, yet, in august no one is here...)

  6. Come see what Skylar missy is up to :)

  7. Happy 40th, la ninja!!
    I love how your blog celebrates the erratic, the random, it's really joyous and fesvtive to re-visit . I tend to make myself feel guilty for not blogging for a while, for being 'erratic' so I find it really refreshing how you make it part of you and weave it into your musings...

    Hope you enjoy the book! And a wonderful entry into your mahvelous 40's...


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