Friday, 22 July 2011

is la ninja watercolour-ish or just plain murky?

According to this site, which I came across via this other one, the above are this blog's colours. Murky, I would say.

How are you all doing?
It looks like I may be able to make extra virgin olive oil, after all. Pics of incipient teeny tiny olives coming soon. The cucumber plant is also blooming. Hooray. Don't you just love it when you leave home for a few days and come back to flowers and stuff. Yes.

p.s. I also had to set a small colony of little flies free (don't ask, I don't know) but hey, no more mice. Setting up another cage in a minute, let's see how many are still scurrying around under the floor boards, the buggers. 
It feels like National Geographic here, what with all the fauna and flora.


  1. Your own olive oil?! Impressed!

  2. no, no. it sounds like serious showing off this. it's just my own internal ongoing joke. castles in the air... :)

    the (very incipient) olives are no bigger than a pinhead. ha.

  3. I gotta check this color site out - and I like your colors, they're not murky at all to me!

    Oh and don't get me started with the creatures and buggies. Summer is such prime time for critter action unfortunately! Ugh...

  4. I reckon we should join forces/olives: it looks like this year I have five olives ... still, last year they were four, so that's 25% increase!

  5. I like your colors, and all the organic movement going on around there*))
    And the slogan/phrase in the colors too, something of a micro-cosmic feeling which to me which feels really expansive, I like it (did I say that already?!) but I also sense that your colors are in movement so the screen there will always be a new display:)) Happy blooming days to you!

  6. i call those colors ethereal and dreamy!

  7. i think they are a bit pale, but nice. funny site though :)

  8. hooray for your garden!
    and so weird about the mice...

  9. I am reading the blog of the famous to be author of How to Survive the Urban Jungle. Be careful out there.


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