Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Mad Amsterdam skies. We have some pretty grim weather. Often. Rather often.
However, mad skies like these above also abound. Northern skies made me giddy. They are indispensable to this ninja during long and windy cycle rides (all telepics taken yesterday on my ride back home from work.)

(The photographs are all wrong and wonky, I know. But... will you just look at those clouds!)

More corner views at Francesca's. Go. Go. Go. Now go sleep tight.


  1. I remember the mad norther skies in London, so dramatic and changeable.

  2. They're Fluffy clouds!
    They connect us you know in this glorious dome of a world!
    And keep us giddy here as well:))
    Now I don't have to have post-anxiety (i.e. anxiety about posting) anymore, I've found some thing in these clouds. Stop, they are making me too giddy...ahhh...good night to you Ninja:))

  3. When we were on Texel the other week, I marvelled at the fact that the clouds there are so different than on the main land. Just a few miles north of Amsterdam, and yet...

  4. When I was in Amsterdam this summer the weather was clear and beautiful ... save for one beautiful rainy bike ride :) Anyway, I agree, the sky view is indispensable! I get mesmerized by clouds often here in moody New England, too!

  5. Beautiful sky! I like to take a photo of the sky... It changes every moment..

    ps. thank you for your kind comment on my blog.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Love your clouds too! And yes, I feel like I'm looking up and almost falling over!

  7. is there just something special about clouds in september? I have been gazing at the sky here in copenhagen as well...

  8. You shoot when you ride, I shoot when I drive... Fortunatly we live far away enought to avoid an accident !!!

  9. i love dramatic cloudscapes like that. a little pay-back for lack of sunshine...


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