Sunday, 4 September 2011

tiempo de tomates... y pepinos

All right, peeps.
It has been a while since I last bored you with my little toms but... here we are again.
Ding dong. Tomato time.
Only, this "harvest" time round, I have also just spotted teeny tiny cukes under the big leaves and flowers of the cucumber plant.
I cannot believe it is working. Cucumbers growing on my balcony! (Even though, in my green-fingered enthusiasm, I nearly drowned them the other week upon coming back from hols.)

They have come a long way (here, here and here). They have.
Look at the little hairy buggers go. Yay.
Oh yeah, I still have to figure out what to do about the miniature olives...


  1. green thumbs up! the miniature olives will start chubbing up now ... at least, this is what I'm telling myself (and my miniature olives)!

  2. they are looking good! thanks for the heads up. so glad i didn´t miss taking part in such a great idea!
    big hugs darling!

  3. Tienen una pinta estupenda....que la cosecha sea buena, se transforme en una cena con amigos. Tomatoe party

  4. Vamos que nos vamos!!

  5. wish i had that kind of green (red) thumb. yum!

  6. frankly, you need nothing doing.
    you throw the seeds in a pot. you water them.
    your friends laugh at you 'cos you've thrown the whole pack of seeds, rather than a few, in (what do you bloody know?)
    you keep watering them now and again.
    you move them to a bigger pot.

    you go away on holiday for three weeks.
    you have a friend water them now and again.
    you come back: presto. green (red) food.

  7. yay, it's your aura, no question! and you're obviously getting the balance right between tending and neglect. i think plants like that.

    p.s.: riga is fine, if a little miffed i've been away without her consent. snoozing right next to me now.


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