Saturday, 17 September 2011

mad. pretty mad.

Back to mad clouds it is. I just went up to the attic to take a couple of pics of the crazy sky.
On the way back down I slipped and fell down a few stairs (stupid ninja wearing socks and no slippers on a steep staircase). I have nothing but I'm basically too old to unexpectedly land on my bottom like that. I startle easily, people; I hope you appreciate the perils I undertake for you lot. Ha!

Anyway, look at this crazy city putting a show on just like that.
It is probably much more impressive in person, but I can tell you it was gorgeous. My random telephotony does not do those skies justice.

Just round the corner from here, they are working on the tram lines and one of the swing bridges is temporarily not being used. So, you know, you can just go and park your boat there. As you do...
Now off to a friends b-day. I shall probably get wet on the bike. Again.
Oh well, bruised derrière and drenched to the skin. Getting older graciously. Boom boom.


  1. ummm naahhh don't know if it was worth it... bwwaaahhhahaha just kidding.. great shots and next time strap a cushion to your rear end just in case. Thats what I do on a daily basis. Can't be too careful!! xx

  2. the photos are worth the damage you did to your ass. :)

  3. I'm too getting old graciously, at least most of the time! :)

  4. ha ha, i will be getting wet on the bike too this morning...
    and gorgeous skies!!

  5. Cuidate....las fotos impresionantes...mi izquierda estresada era...algo en la espalda que me bajaba por el brazo y me lo dejaba hormigueando...como explico yo eso..vamos que estoy viejuna..ajajjaja.
    Cuidate, no te mojes mucho y disfruta de la echo de menos..esto del coche no es lo mismo, snifff

  6. Beautiful sunsets and houseboats, Amsterdam sounds like a lovely place.

  7. are the skies trying to look like houses or the houses trying to look like skies? And I love the barking dog.

  8. stunning! well worth the blue tush:)

  9. It does look like a wonderful show!
    Bravo to the mad clouds and wishing you happy...Autumn days!

  10. que tal ninja por el mundo?, muy buenas fotos x cierto. quería preguntarte si tenías ganas de participar de la sección La Casa invita (, algunas preguntitas, fotos de amsterdam y una tuya (puedes conservar la identidad ninjística si gustas). el cuestionario de ibb saldrá en breve.
    avisame por allá si quieres participar!

  11. sorry about your behind - hope it heals soon. They sky pics are gourgeous :)

  12. Gorgeous skies. To me they are typical for September. And stairs. Avoid them. I fell last weekend and the bruise on my upper arm is vicious. Maybe it wasn't the stair's fault. My toes got stuck in my pajama leg. The banisters just happened to be there. Hope everything is well with you. How is work?


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