Sunday, 9 October 2011

my big fat shiny cuke and grey floors

So, bye bye Indian summer. If I may digress (we already start digressing and I do not even have a strong main subject to start with.) Francesca, thanks for asking, I had always assumed it was a British-coined term stemming from colonial times. Wrong. It seems to originate in the States and it refers to the "other" so accurately (not) called Indians. Wikipedia knows all. I should assume less. Wink double wink.

So... bye bye Indian summer. Hello Dutch autumn. There's a chill in the air and the city is cloaked in Grey (that of the capital G.) However, it is not only the skies that have turned grey. So has my... drum roll... balcony floor. Ta-da! I know, who gives a flying ****? Well, I do. 
Let's digress again: I am extremely aware of the mundaneness of my posts. I had originally set off to tell everyone about extremely witty and clever stuff or, failing that, to show everyone extremely arty and quirky photographs. As it turns out, I am showing you my balcony floor and a fat cucumber. Live and learn, ei.

I am well chuffed with the result and well impressed with myself, if I may say so. I actually bought that paint approximately one and a half years ago, together with a brush and some evil product to scrub outdoor sort of floors and tiles. Slowly but surely I got there (I did not think I would ever do it.)
Last weekend, the last weekend of our Native American summer (we should really start calling it that were we to be politically correct, ha!), I decided to pull my sleeves, get some music on and paint away in the sun.

So, mundane or not, that has been my last week: fat cuke, empty balcony outside, full (of plants, pots and the like) living room inside and a two-day outing with lots of crazy (and whiny) teenagers and young adults. I had forgotten about the whole smuggling spirits into camp. Dra-ma, I am telling you. Hee hee.

So, without further ado (I do seriously digress and ramble on), pics:
How fat is that cucumber...
Some random pics taken last week. It is white-greyish and drizzling out there now. I shall just keep looking at these and reminiscing.


  1. such a domestic ninja during native american summer! what will you be up to during the dutch autumn?!
    hope you had a relaxing weekend after all the excitement of taking your students on a field trip - I'm honestly in awe, and I bet they must have had so much fun with you!

  2. Are you sure it's a cucumber ???


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