Sunday, 2 October 2011

golden brown

This sort of golden brown. Not the drug, not the song. This above.

We are enjoying a mad Indian summer (like many countries in the area*) and it feels fab. 
Someone told me the other day we seem to be going the "tropical" way with our seasons: very cold winters, very (and I mean very) wet summers and fabulously mild and beautiful springs and autumns.

I am basically cycling around in tank tops and summer skirts and it really feels like summer (I had ice cream yesterday (lo and behold!) However, if you look down, it feels most definitely autumnal. Love these colours. 
Bring it on, Indian summer in October. We are loving you here and shall miss you when you go. Many many thanks. We needed you before Grey (with capital G) enters.

(* I had originally written "most of Northern Europe" but Dorit's comment made me realise I am seriously far from living in Northern Europe (particularly compared to where Dorit lives). What I had originally written was not even inaccurate; it was bloody dim.)

CV note: I am not a heavy metal fan, nor do I listen to heavy metal at home.
However, I appreciate all kinds of good music (yes, I enjoy opera, blues, jazz, pop, rock...) This was good old school heavy metal, so I thought it funny for a cv post. I must say that, as I expected, some of your comments made me giggle (not that I am calling you predictable or anything, ha!)


  1. Nice autumn in the southern part of Northern Europe :)

  2. it sounds so wonderful there, hope it lasts and lasts!

  3. dorit, I see your point. we are not in the least northern at all down here, you are right.
    officially, western europe. look:

  4. I love Dorit's comment. It's all a matter of perspectives - I feel 1/3 northern Italian, 1/3 southern european, 1/3 me :). So, why is it that we call it "Indian" summer? Indian from where?


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