Wednesday, 28 September 2011

music for your delicate ears

I took this video about two centuries ago (in ninja years, that is.)
Okay, I have just checked and it was actually in June 2010. Mediterranean ninjas have a slight tendency towards exaggeration.

We went to see The Damned Things (a combo composed by previous members of Fall Out Boy + Anthrax + Every Time I Die.) It was free and we thought it would be fun. Unfortunately, we were not impressed with the main band at all but... I had the best of times listening to the band featured below. I had not heard such proper seriously-old-fashioned-heavy-metal-high-pitch-screeches (and I mean that in a complimentary way) in yonks.

Okay, you have been warned. It is loud, it is high-pitch and, to boot, the quality of the recording is crap. You really cannot complain, ei. Always quality at la ninja's.

Here's Three Inches of Blood (if the name does not say it all, I do not know what does.) Enjoy.


  1. Ok thanks for the warning ... i will turn down the volume before pressing start :)

  2. Well. Is that music? Haha.
    I just remember my school mate, who was also my neighbour and took me along to school with his car quite often...he was a great death metal fan and always confronted me with these tunes, but after all he never managed to gain my enthusiasm for his kind of music... ;o)

  3. cute name for a band :) love all the floral additions to your feet slideshow!

  4. I can't figure this out. But true to ninja form, you are honest!! :)

  5. Grr I can't ear it ;) but I like the movement!!

  6. Terrible! But I adore your shoe collection ;)


  7. Ah, my son is into death metal so this is very familiar to me. Me, I prefer old-school heavy metal.

  8. Do I hear you somewhere back there in the vocals, sure I hear an ninja
    oi and ei!

    Someone pointed out the connection with Otlis metal on his comments, thanks you both
    I'll add some metal to my dance party on sunday!

  9. holy magory!
    brave woman!
    courageous ninja!
    ai, 2010 is pretty recent...
    heeheeeeeeeeeeeeee (=screetch)

  10. that just may be my version of hell, ninja friend :)

  11. Hahaha :))) what a sweet music ;)

  12. brings me back to my teenage years!

  13. thanks for the warning!!!
    it must be reall ninja music!! not my kind!!

  14. Very different from the kind of music I listen to most of the time!! Lord knows what la Ninja would think of opera!! I love how different we all are. And yet how much the same too :-)


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