Monday, 26 September 2011

of veggies and feet. just because.

Wildlife out on the balcony. 
Cukes not in a hurry, not particularly faster than the speed of neutrinos (can you actually believe that?) However, there they are; coming along nicely. While those little toms are nearly done for the season, cukes are just starting out...
Oh yeah, sadly the once very promising radishes didn't make it in the end (serious bordeaux tints on the stems but yet, no produce) and neither did the strawberries develop any further. Oh well, it was a long shot in a pot on the balcony. That's why I'm so impressed with my stubborn cucumbers up there.
Indian summer, bring it on!

On another note: feet. Other than now and again updating my "ninja for all seasons" slide show on the right, last week I realised I had not been posting many ninja feet pics lately. To remedy that, here you have some ninja feet shots taken in Barcelona (mon amour) in July. Just because.


  1. ok, I was so flabbergast about the neutrinos speed factor, and about the questions in poses to relativity, that I didn't sleep for days ...
    could it be that your cukes are just on a relatively different timeframe? :)
    Hope to see some more feet photos from your adventurous summer soon.

  2. life it's growing like a plant...

  3. Y a mi me sonaba algo de haberlos sé, qué estudiaría yo en física dejó frito el cerebro.
    Que envidia de huerto!!!

  4. your veggies fared much better than mine! i tend to forget about my garden come july... and feet! they give me wanderlust.


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