Friday, 30 December 2011

ending the year (nearly) with some sun...

Deprived blog. Seriously deprived blog. Oh well, that is the way things go sometimes
However, we are (nearly) ending the year with some sun. Hooray. What a difference from the tons and tons of snow we had by now last year, will you look at those bikes!
We have had lots and lots and lots of rain lately, though. Furious rain. So much so, I was happily cycling on my brand new bicycle (I crashed the other one, another story, tra la la) yesterday evening, when all of a sudden it felt like someone was throwing gravel at my legs. WTF? That is what I thought in the split second it took for the heavens to open up and unleash hail, rain and hurricane force winds onto us, poor souls out on the street. Blawdy 'ell, properly soaked and pissed off ninja in five minutes, I am telling you.

So, here are some random shots of the last few days. A couple of tidy spots in the house: beautiful amaryllis the boy brought me, my home-made crimbo tree, the Amsterdam city walk cards I, wishfully thinking, took out the shelf last week (the weather decided otherwise, though, no stupid walks at the risk of either flying away or drowning.) There is also a very dark shot of one of the friends that comes begging for food every time I tie my bike to the rails on the canal and well, some ninja feet. Of course, ninja feet.



  1. love seeing what's happening in your life in picture-form. happy new year, ninja!

  2. Brave ninja, pedalling away in hail or shine, 12 months of the year! It doesn't sound like you were injured in the bike crash, but I'm sorry about the bike. There's a very strange photo in your slideshow that I can't make out: ninja feet in olive green (got to see the olive in there!) canvas shoes next to warped pipes or something ... hope it's not what remained of your bike!
    Buon Anno!

  3. Nice collection of ninja photos, and love your canal friend - what a magical greeting that must be! careful riding in that pelting rain okay?

    Wishing you all good things for 2012, and have a happy new year celebration dear friend! XO

  4. I keep your sun for 2012
    Bonne et heureuse année.

  5. congratulations with your new bike ... hope you didn't get hurt too much when the old one crashed. And Happy New Year :)

  6. Happy New Year!! Hope you have a wonderful 2012!!


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