Tuesday, 25 September 2012

ay, autumn (+ belated tomareness)

Well, hello there. 
Should I say it? Go on then: "long time, no ninja". Ah, this ninja never tires of repeating herself.

Right, what has happened lately? Lots and not much at the same time, I suppose. Like in everyone else's life, right? Ups, downs, ins and outs. I had a pretty rough beginning of the year and it has taken its toll in many ways but it is onwards and upwards and... What do you know? Autumn is already knocking at the door. That sneaky bugger.

Here is some proof.

I have also been on hols in Mexico lindo y queridooooooo, which I seriously needed and which involved attending a friend's wedding, which was a blast.

Just before I left though, I got a lovely package from a lovely knitting geologist from Italy. It was the corner to corner tenugui. Unfortunately I was packing a rucksack and had no time right then but I have sent my pressies on now. Joanne's tomare tenugui made it safely to the north of the Netherlands this week to a fluttery, airy, light household.
On it goes, around the world.

Thanks so much again. I loved the parcel. The only thing is that being the stressed out ninja that I was before the hols, I never properly posted about it. Here it is now. Better late, 'ey.


  1. Autumn is here and ninja is back.
    Hope to see you here more often. I miss ninja moments, makes me smile ;)

  2. hello, hello! good to "see" you! hope that we can spend some time together next april, i am definitely coming back then!

  3. nice to see both ninja and tenugui. love the tenugui and its bouqet of card and would love to meet you and some of the other tenuqui people. wouldn't that be fun? :) in our dreams ... ;)

  4. hey, long time no ninja! :) honestly, we miss your wit and all the rest. happy autumn!

  5. Welcome back, and I`m excited to see that the tenugui made it there to you in the Netherlands!
    Your use of the tomare word in its tomareness form also made me smile and I did a double take to see if its really tomare and lo and behold it is!! I have the same dream as Dorit, to meet all of you who are meeting the tenugui!!

    Happy autumn, beautiful skies, and magic days to you!!

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