Sunday, 30 September 2012

esos cielos otoñales...

More skies. 
I have not been doing much more than working, writing and observing lately. So here is what I have been seeing in the evening out of my living room window. 
I looooove those skies. I do not love the fact autumn (and by default winter immediately after) is on its way. But the skies, the skies I adore.
Another two I just found. Also taken in Amsterdam (different bit of the city) in August.


  1. Qué lindas fotos. ¡Te extrañábamos, Ninja!

  2. Ahh! Me too!
    Come see what Miss Annabel has done :)

  3. Me encantan los sé fácil quedarse observando...

  4. These are great skies! I love clouds.....and expansive views. Happy Autumn to you!

  5. here's to hoping that the winter skies will be even more gorgeous (are they ever? YES - glass half-full :))
    PS nice views from your living room!

  6. Those photos were really pretty. By the way, I have a new blog called glimpses of imagination. It's on my profile. :")

  7. gorgeous sky photo's.
    I know winter is on it's way and I'm not looking forward to it.

  8. these are stunning skies, ninja! hoping to see those amsterdam skies myself one of these days, maybe when i'm like 50 or 60 and I don't have to be fixing my kids' lunches any longer and chasing them into their classrooms in the morning wiping off their faces! until then i'm stuck in new jersey. happy autumn to ya xx

  9. i forgot to breathe... stunning!


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