Saturday, 3 November 2012

my own private rear window

I have always been a big fan of Hitchcock's Rear Window. This time of the year I often think of it when I get home in the evening and, before turning the lights on, this is the view that greets me.
A beautiful theatre play going on at the other side of the canal. Dinner being prepared, books being read, hair being combed, pyjamas being put on... The below were taken on Thursday at 18:22, 18:53 and 22:47 respectively (and to be nerdily precise.) 

We are planning on watching the film one of these evenings too. Here are two stills of the set.


  1. I could say: "all the same"; in french: tout pareil !-)

  2. I could say, all the same of all the same. Lovely windows and program

  3. it my favorite Hitchcock. enjoy!

  4. I could say I do a bit the same...I know who is late waked, who goes early to bed....

  5. I gather curtains aren't very popular in the Netherlands - nobody sewing them at night? :)

  6. very cool! all good ninja?
    and hola right back! :)

  7. Hoooolaaaa back at ya mi Chica la Ninja! Missed you!

    A theater of windows. Have always loved that about Amsterdam too...XO

  8. So poetic, how cool. And I loved seeing the film of Barcelona. I have never been, it gave me such a feeling of the place.


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