Monday, 12 November 2012

brown town

autumn in the city...
Nothing says autumn like leaves, skies and feet.


  1. The leaves, love 'em...and thicker socks and warm scarves...

    On seeing the fifth photo I heard the leaves cracking....really I did. Thanks for a glimpse of fall in A-dam. X

  2. Great photos!! I agree - leaves and sky - they make for a beautiful autumn....I used to have those very same Camper slippers until my mum acquired them - now I have purple ones instead - truly the best slippers warm and comfy - I have actually climbed into bed still wearing them before....having forgotten I had them on.

  3. Love the photos, leaves are here blue skies...but well...
    It looks you are back, and enjoying....Nice!

  4. can't wait for those green leaves, blue skies and sandals again! in the meanwhile, I'm grateful that I'm not wearing boots as yet!

  5. Your brown town is probably beautifully white now...

    Just stopping by to say MeRRy CHisTmAS dear Ninja! Hope you're having a good one there in the A-dam or back home in Espana (pretend there's a wiggly over the n).
    Cheers y hugs! XO, J.

  6. Lovely world...
    I wish you a happy new year!

  7. Happy New Year!
    I hope you had a great holiday season.
    Wish you a wonderful and peaceful 2013!


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