Tuesday, 15 January 2013

hello winter and hello fellow internetters...


Hello. Let's try and keep this thing going, should we? By this royal "we" I obviously mean me.
It is winter. Properly. You all know. The interwebs are full of it. 
This post is far from original. Yet, I love this unedited winter telephotos. What I also really enjoyed very much was the calm muffled city bustle when I left the house early this morning.


  1. hello! quina rasca, no? "ojo" no rallisquis!

  2. Hello!! Welcome back! Happy winter to you too. Your photos make it look very cold......we haven't had snow here yet on the east coast of Scotland but it has been a bit chilly.....

  3. Glad to see you back Ninja. Thank you for a glimpse into your winter. I would love to experience the silence of the morning snow in A-dam, the crackle of ice beneath my feet. What am I saying... I would freeze my culo! Though there is always a window seat near a canal - that's right, inside and next to a pot of hot tea! xo

  4. Nice to see you again. Happy new winter mornings....the photos look cold and calm...perfect morning...
    No snow here, just rain and rain...when I saw the streets of Amsterdam with snow, and people riding...at tv, I don´t know why you came to my mind...
    Enjoy morning silence


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