Thursday, 24 January 2013

bottoms up

The city looking gorgeous under a blanket of snow is what we found after coming out of an all-day concert for little-known bands. Very strange this being at a gig marathon while there is light outside.

Beautiful but tricky snow. I ended up slipping on the snow/ice and landing on my derrière bike and all. Tail bone pain is not good, I am telling you. Clumsy ninja :)


  1. Ten cuidado...o pillate un flotador-airbag para las caídas inesperadas.
    Como echo de menos los conciertos....

  2. Like going to a movie during the day, very disorienting!

    Slipping is not good. So sorry to hear about the Ninja's back end... The correct shoes in winter so necessary! Careful Ms. Ninja...go slowly... xo

  3. I have the right shoes, janis. I even bought ice grips (city rubber/stainless steel crampons?) to wear over my shoes. the bike did not though... ;)

  4. happy to read you're going out and about, and enjoying the arts! sorry about the derriere ... but hope the soul was happy after a all day concert!

  5. very disorienting! Like going to a concert.


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