Tuesday, 29 January 2013

ba ba boom

Anish Kapoor. Say no more, right? Well, at least in my world. 
Last time I saw some of his great pieces in person it was at the Met in New York. Well, on Saturday I did again, in Tilburg, at Museum De Pont and it was fab. Again.

Here are some very mature self-portraits. I am so glad I grabbed my striped cardy upon leaving the house in a rush in the morning. It worked wonders on the pieces. Judge by yourselves.
Way ay, look at me doing the splits... not. 
By the way, this piece does not have the magic ability of making people's heads fade into white blobs, I just wanted to grant unsuspecting visitors to the museum some privacy. That is the kind of ninja I am. 

But wait, I nearly forgot to show you the piece of resistance of the exhibition. Ba ba boom.
Bare with it (if you wish, that is). The whole thing is a bit theatrical, but you get your ba ba boom at the end. 

I reckon it is the first time ever I have shown my face here. Well, there you have it.


  1. Seriously Ninja you rock that jumper, and your an amazing contortionist too!

    Enjoyed getting a glimpse of our Spanish girl in Amsterdam -xo

    The video looks like a scene in my kitchen when I make jam. Seen it (the mess), been there!

  2. hi there, gorgeous! can't wait to see you in person in april!

  3. Hello! The cardigan is perfect for Mr Kapoor's mirrored shapes. I would love to see the bean in Chicago.......I love that it brings out the child in people = as if we were standing in front of some magic mirror.

  4. Great striped rainbow for the visual game. You look so Elastigirl....

  5. fun photos and nice sweater! the vido looks a little too Tarantino-ish for me, and I do hope it isn't edible stuff they're splattering around, but paint (here I go, the eternal mother, reminding people not to play with food! :))

  6. You're lovely in these mirrors ;)
    And thanks for the big silly funny boom!!!

  7. The ninja's identity is almost revealed!!

  8. You are the star of the show I`d say!
    Love the cardigan and your theatrics!!

    I saw his work at Hyde Park several years ago in London, my first time to see his work, and I loved those mirrors in the snowy white park, its interesting to see the colors here that you share and how the pieces change with each viewer and venue!!

    PS thank you for your fun comment and for watching my river dance-walk video

  9. http://aikawarazulifeinjapan.blogspot.jp/2010/12/december-travels-3-hyde-park.html

    PS just went back memory lane, sharing my AK experience from `Looking at the World Upside Down`

  10. And... Un salut amical au passage... ;)

  11. and a big French hug ;)


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