Monday, 1 April 2013


Let's not mention I have been an elusive ninja, should we? Let's not point out Easter has been colder than Christmas this year (meteorological fact), should we? Let's also ignore the fact I am home feeling bleh the moment we have four days off and the sun is gloriously shining out there (icy cold but shiny and bright). Should we ignore that too?
Okay then. Let's just talk LIGHT. Yes. Welcome, welcome, we have missed you. Are you here to stay? Are you? Splendid.

Here are a few random snippets of light and reflections taken in the last couple of weeks. Even subway stations are beautiful right now.  
SPRING! Bring it on.


  1. Hi Ninja, it's good to see you back in blogland. You take such dreamy pics of Amsterdam my dear. Even the subway looks romantic. Yes, bring on spring, warmth, and new beginnings!

  2. hello! our sky is mostly gray - we should plaster some colored tissue paper on our skylight, and reproduce that pretty light there!

  3. Beautiful colors and light. Have a nice day ;)

  4. Beautiful colors and lights with rainbow sheds.

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