Saturday, 8 January 2011

the tufted ducks are back!

I thought I would let you know... Aware as I am, though, that such a thrilling occurrence is, most probably, of no interest to anyone else (but the water bird-spotters in this household.)

Last year, they just appeared out of the blue one day. Then disappeared again the exact same way (surprise, surprise, as migratory birds do.) The thing is I had never seen them before in Amsterdam. More people in the neighbourhood seemed to have spotted them and random conversations over ducks were had by the canal. Officially getting older.

They are gorgeous, round and fluffy, smaller than your common duck around here. They love to dive, blue bill first, very amusing to watch.
Welcome back tufted ducks. Hooray.

Note: This picture has been 'stolen' from the Interwebs (no way our canal waters are this blue.)
Should I manage to take some decent shots with the phone, I'll try and post them here.


  1. I have never seen an adorable duck like this one... Welcome back cute duck.

    Have a nice day!

  2. he´s so sweet. coco would love him. ;)

  3. Totally cute, blue bill and punk hair!

  4. love it!

    when i was a kid we often went to a park with a little 'zoo' - my favourites were these ducks and the chinese mandarin ducks. too cute.

  5. I've never seen a duck like this, it's actually cute!! :-O

  6. tough as old boots they are too.
    when all the other birds are madly fighting against the wind or looking for shelter elsewhere... they simply float. cool as a cucumber.
    after all, they are "wintering" here. I assume they are used to seriously scary conditions. this must be just a laugh.

  7. ohhh yes... i love that duck. i saw it often, when we lived next to a little park in our last flat =) so sweet!

    don`t be ?.$%-%&+'*§*=/$§! anymore - just because habitat. i`m really sorry with you ;-)

    have a lovely sunday evening... dani

  8. Mola ese ojo amarillo...aunque da un poco yuyu....jajajaja

  9. qué oscuro es para venir del norte, ¿no? como que le pega poco.

  10. Those little ducks must be tough. You would think that the cold would be too much for them. So sweet...

  11. Was feeding some tufted ducks earlier today in Crystal Palace park (London), it was amusing watching them dive and swim underwater (taking the bread away from the seagulls).

  12. ha, anonymous. aren't they just a joy to watch. nutty as only they can be :)


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